what if your nightmare comes true

On 1st February 2011, I received an email “CONGRATULATION you have being posted to Chennai DC.”
I read the mail again to confirm whether I was the right recipient of the email. To my utter disappointment, my nightmare came alive – I was posted to Chennai. I was numbed for a while and couldn’t breathe.
Thousands of thoughts popped up into my mind. Why

ME, Why not him? O god why this happened to me. Of all the other places, why Chennai? How could they do this to me?

To find answer to my thoughts, I walked straight up to the HR and said “Madam there is a clear misunderstanding, I’m a North Indian; I was supposed to be posted to Chandigarh. How can I be posted to Chennai DC? My hometown is Rajasthan shouldn’t I be posted nearby. ” She patiently listened to my complaint and replied “Sorry, This company works on requirement basis. We never mentioned that we will be give you posting as per your convenience”. 


All my hopes were shattered.

I didn’t wanted to go there so I planned to quit the company but one of my friend suggested that “You can easily get transferred from Chennai”.

I thought “He has a point, let me go there. Chennai won’t be that bad. It wasn’t bad but was worst. Humidity and language problem added salts to my wounds”.

The moment I step down at Chennai station, I started sweating.

On further inquiry, I got to know that February is considered as the most pleasant month in chennai. I was perplexed.

How could this be possible? Look at the shining sun outside? Look at the sweat pouring down from my body?  

After spending several months, I realized February was the most pleasant month. 

On my first day to office in Chennai DC, I went to meet my reporting HR and inquired about transfer policy. He eloquently started explaining the procedure and the complex SEZ policy & said to me “Transfer won’t possible until 2 years”.

I was disheartened but I didn’t lose the hope. 

Friends, Let me tell you I spent 370 days in Chennai & these 370 days were the lowest period of my life. I was frustrated, two shades darker and stressed to the core.

Now I look back to that time. I have realized that I have learn few amazing things during my stay such as :-

Necessity is the mother of all invention & out of necessity, I learn to cook. From Italian pasta to Chinese noodles to Indian Daal. I learn to cook everything. During my engineering days, I hated cooking but during my Chennai days, I loved cooking. I found a hidden talent in form of cooking.

I always wanted to learn SALSA & thanks to Infosys Chennai Salsa Club. I not only learn Salsa but also learn Jive, Bachata, and Cuban. Believe it or not, I learn all these dance form for free of cost. I even got to perform in chennai salsa festival’11.
The humidity, the heat and the extreme inhabitable condition made me much stronger person. Now I can say that I’m certified to live and adjust in any part of the world.

Confidence means being comfortable in uncomfortable situation. I was surviving in a place where I had to fight with auto Walla’s who wouldn’t leave any single opportunity to exploit my inability to converse in Tamil. 

With each experience, I became wiser and smarter in ways to deal with them. If they think they were smart, I gradually learn to become smarter. I reached the epitome of my success when I was able to negotiate with auto walla to drop me to my house for Rs50 while the usual night rate was Rs100. It might look very menial to you but I felt like I have won the world cup.

The reason why I’m writing these stories from my personal life is that –

“In life, we don’t appreciate the best until we face the worst.” 

Remember “Everything happens for a cause”.

May there is reason why you didn’t get what you desired. May be God have different plans for you. May be something better is waiting to

Just have faith in your abilities.

I want to end this blog by asking you a question :-

What is the lesson that you learn from your failure or from the most difficult time of your life.

Do remember this answer . It is the key to success.




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Quality of Great Leaders

Have You ever wonder Why there are only few leaders and rest are followers.

Why we had blind trust in the agenda of Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi .

 Mahatma Gandhi wasn’t the only indian who wanted Independence . Similarly Martin Luther King wasn’t the first person to be harassed of being black. However these people were different . History remember them and we respect them .

How these people were able to bring about the revolution ?

All these great leaders have a common pattern .

The pattern is called ‘Golden Circle’ – It comprises of three circle : Outer circle is ‘What’, Middle circle is ‘How’ ,and outer circle is ‘Why’.

A common person takes outside to inside approach . First What, second How and then Why. Let us take example of Mp3 player, a salesman comes to you and says – We have the best mp3 player in the market (WHAT) ,we have the following features (HOW), and so you should buy it (WHY). Will you buy that  mp3 player – NO, i will be skeptical about the intention of the salesman.

How leaders function – Inside to  outside approach . First – Why, second- How and then Why. Let us take example of Ipod . Apple says our purpose is customer satisfaction (WHY), we will attain our purpose by continous innovation (How), With our continous effort we have produced this product(WHAT). Will you buy a ipod – Hell yeah .

Another example , in 1963 there was no TV , no radio yet 250,000 people ,among them 25% were white,traveled from all across the place to Washington to listen to Martin Luther King speech because they believe in his believe . His speech was’I have a dream’ not ‘i have a plan’.

Have Believe in yourself

Always ask yourself Why – Why – Why – Why . Keep asking till you get the answer.





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what if i become a politician for a day ?

“All Politicians are corrupt” . They exploit the power for their self interest. The list of similar adjective goes on.

Its very easy to be on the other side and criticize but what if I become a politician , what will I do ?

I know this thought came to my mind straight from the movie – NAYAK (love that movie)

What will I do if I am elected as a politician ?

I am sure every one will say – I will do welfare of the society , will protect the poor and needy like a knight. I will not allow any injustice and the most important I will eradicate corruption.

Think – the basic under lining principle is this question ?

Self interest v/s Society welfare.

To be clear – “should I worry about my self growth (profit) or should I worry about welfare of people (Duty).”

You will think – I am being elected as a representative of the society to efficiently do my duty of serving in benefit of the people.

The above line sounds like a movie dialogue. Isn’t it ?

Let’s me take pragmatic approach.

Nobody wants to invest to have Loss.

I must have spend at least 1 million for campaigning for my election. Sad, but truth, you need deep pocket more than a noble intention to win a election.
Anyways if I have spend a million , I need to cover up that investment. F.Y.I – the salary of politician is low , I know that have lot of other benefit but still that’s not enough to cover up my investment.
I am being modest here , I need to earn at least 3 times of what I have invested – for break even of expenditure , for next campaigning (with high inflation cost of election will also increase) and for my profit or back up in case I don’t win next time.

As per the above statistic , its ok to be corrupt but I would be against if a politician does corruption more than 3 times as that would be Greed not profit.

I agree with the UP minister famous statement “steal don’t loot”.

With high inflation, I am hardly able to meet my expenditure. How can I accept a low level government official to able to meet the responsibility of his family , his kid’s school etc.

There is proverb in my area : “a good officer is one that takes bribe and do your work , a bad officer is one that takes bribe and don’t do your work”.

To all the politician – be less corrupt but don’t deter away from your duty of serving people. In simple words – don’t be a looter .

I know – my stand on corruption is flawed but think about It – even if your intention are good , you still need money to win election and help people.

Enough with corruption .

If I become a politician, I would focus on Education.

We are aware about the high illiteracy rate , the high school drop out rate, the inadequate school facility, the acute shortage of school teacher.

My aim would be to eradicate poverty because Education is the only solution to eradicate poverty.

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what is Religion?

According to Religion – GOD created the universe.
But according to Scientist – Big Bang theory created the universe.

Any rational thinker will concur with scientist.

A thought came to my mind – If universe is created due to Big Bang phenomena then why we fight over religion and try to prove that my religion is superior than your religion.

“what is religion ; What is God ; Why do we pray? ” – a series of question came to my mind. It has a simple answer.

Answer – Religion is a positive vibe or you can say positive energy!

When life gets tougher every day , Religion gives us strength , it gives us HOPE.

“Don’t worry , everything will be ok , god is there”. (We always say these line in tough time)

Its also a way to keep our conscious alive and help us to differentiate between What’s good and what’s bad ?

No religion is superior , they all are equal.

Every religion has different method of teaching but the message they teach remains the same –

To be good & to do good – that is the whole religion.

PrAts !

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Shame ! #CommunalViolence

Office Lunch Mate : the recent attacks on NorthEastern people by muslims in bangalore is shameful act.
Me : why the attack happening ?
OLM : Muslim from Bangladesh ( illegal immigrants ) were attack in North East due to which attack on N.E is being done and instead of protecting them , government has increased the number of train to N.E so that they can go away from bangalore.
Me : ” Eye for an Eye will make the world blind” – Gandhi.

Religion make people do crazier stuff.

A FACT : Always innocent people get victimized because of the communal violence.

When will we rise above religion discrimination.

We are Indian first than Gujarati , Rajasthani , Assame , South Indian , Muslim , christian , sikh …

PrAts !

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Be a ActionOrientedDreamer not just a Dreamer !

Every one has One Dream which drives them. That dream could be materialistic like owning a beach villa , a BMW or could be as simple as being loved.
Every individual has a different dream.

What’s a dream ?

Its something that doesn’t let you sleep or when you close you eyes you think about the achieving that dream.

It’s something for which your willing to risk everything.

Every one has a dream but only few live their dream.

What’s the difference between those
“Who Made IT” and ” Those Who didn’t” ?


Action towards achieving dream differentiate who conquer their dream with people who just ramble about the big dream.

“Karma kar phal ki icha mat kar”
(Don’t worry about the result , just work).

we are more focused on the end result due to which we lose the track leading towards our dream.

Most of the time we get tangled in things which shouldn’t bother in first place.

Dream is a DIFFICULT journey , that’s what makes it so memorable and fun.

Ask any one who have become a billionaire , there will be a story of struggle and hardship. It’s never a smooth ride.

No pain – No gain !


P.S – my dream is to do MBA from Ivy league college & I will fulfill my dream.
Amen !

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Simply Superstitious !


“India has built satellite & is considered mecca of I.T sector yet our mentality is of 12 Th century ” .

According to me , Religion is a like a rose, which brings peace and harmony to once’s life . Just like rose , religion also has thorn in the form of superstition which needs to be eradicated .

Just like every other Indian , I have been taught that – “God will punish for your every misdeed” and has we build faith in God , superstition also start developing.

The worst effect of superstition is you start relying on other factor for your success or failure rather your own action or capability.

  • Black cat crossing our path : This one is the oldest and most common . According to this myth, if a black cat cross your path, a bad omen will be thirst upon you. Even black cat had not thought that it will be a sign of bad omen . The cat must be walking so we must also walk instead of thinking and spoiling our day with negative thoughts.
  • Exam & Luck : I was a victim of this superstition few years back . I had a superstition that if i don’t wear a white color shirt during exam, my exam will go bad. Now thinking about it , makes me laugh.I did overcome that superstition by wearing a blue shirt  &  scoring good marks in exam 🙂 This made me realized what matters in the exam is whether you have studied or not.
  • Nimbu Aur Lal Mirch : A nimbu and lal mirch is hanged in front of every shops to cast away evil spirit and if you stamp upon nimbu-lalmirch , misfortune will occur or worst you will be possed by a demon . On a lighter note thus this demon has a name ? 😉
  • Hicupps : If you are having a hicuup then somebody is thinking about you . I am thinking if its actually true then every actor/actress would be busy having hicuups all day?
  • Friday the 13th : This superstition has been a fortune for filmmakers. Friday the 13th is an unlucky day as Jesus was crucified on a Friday. Adam was tempted by Eve on a Friday. Wonder if Adam was really lucky or unlucky to be tempted by Eve. It depends on how you look at it.If you have a positive outlook, Friday the 13th can be a lucky day for you.
  • Falling Star : If you wish anything infront of falling star your wish will come true . I once wish to be BILL GATES (back then he was the world’s No.1 richest), what happened to my wish?
  • Nails In the night : My mom always used to scold me for cutting nails in the night as it attracts evil spirit .  How can we be believe all this .
  • Twitching of Eye : “Meri aank phadak rahi hain , kuch kharab hoga” . I have come across this statement numerous time . In reality nothing happens , its just our outlook that makes a difference.
  • Horoscope for Marriage : In India most of the marriages are done after matching kundli of a guy &a  girl . If the kundli matches , the couple will live happily ever after and may be i should ask these astrologer “why divorce rate are rising inspite marriages done after checking kundli”.

Food For Thought: If a astrologer can predict our future then he should be a millionaire by predicting his future. 

My Nana always says “Your future lies in your Hand”.

May be its time we should rise above these superstition and start trusting our capability.



prAts !