Error of the Life

‘error’ frustrated praveen gets up from his seat to drink water
he looks around, he sees a girl walking. she was short, straight hair, beautiful eyes. he found her extremely cute and sat down to continue his work again
every day he would see her as he pass her cubicle .
soon his level of attraction increased, every time she passed him, there would be sudden light in his heart.
several times, he thought to talk to her due to his lack of courage he couldn’t.
Does this situation of the praveen sounds similar to you..
It happens with us that we instantly get attracted to a person but unable to talk to other person due to lack of courage..
This has happened with me too..
Just remember, a simple ‘hi’ can do wonders.


scream from haveli

A young british officer was roaming in the deserted area of rajasthan.

Suddenly, he is a huge haveli (palace) in middle of nowhere. He was amazed by the gigantic size of the haveli, large gate and beautiful outer carvings.

He couldn’t resist the temptation to see the inside of the haveli.

He walked towards it while admiring its beautiful structure.

As soon as he reached inside, he was further amazed by the glimmering crystal chandelier and the interior of the haveli was carved delicately which showed meticulous work of the art man.

On the right side of the haveli, he saw an old man glazing continuously with dull eyes.

He went towards old man and said ‘it is a beautiful palace, is it ok if I bring my family to show them palace?’

The old man with a thick voice and pale face replied ‘If you come back’.

He was taken aback by the sudden reply.

He decided its time to go and walk towards the gate.

As soon as he put his first step out of the house, he was repelled back by a sudden force.

He couldn’t understand what was happening.

He tried again and again. Each time, he failed to move his body out of the gate.

He took a few steps back and ran towards the gate to jump out but all in vain.

Frantically, he rushed back to the old man and yelled “what’s happening, why I can’t go outside the palace”.

The old man replied “This palace has been cursed by a princess who tried to elope from this palace but couldn’t and in the end gave her life with a curse that whoever enters this palace can’t leave, person neither ages, nor feels hungry or thirsty. He just remain stuck here forever.”

“O-noooo O-noooo”. The british soldier starts weeping with a repeated plea “there must be a way out. Help me. Help me”.

Old man replied “there is a way, every full moonlight, palace moves to a different place and you will be allowed to go outside the gate until the moonlight. You have to convince someone to take your place in the palace then only you can escape this malign but there is only one condition”

“What?” replied agitated british soldier”

“You must tell the person truth about the Haveli and its curse.”

Finally, the moonlight came and he ran towards the near by village screaming “help me help me help me”. He tried to convince every person that he met but no one agreed.

Till this date, villagers have seen a huge palace suddenly emerged in a remote place of rajasthan and on every full moonlight, they still hear a men screaming “help me help me help me”.

P.S: this was a story narrated by my friend, sambhav.. This is a famous Rajasthan folk tale.

A girl in the Airport

He got down from the cab and saw the ‘huge board’ : Welcome to Mumbai Airport.

He walked towards the Departure terminal where he was stopped by a security office for air ticket.

He showed him the itiniary along with his driving license.
Security office checked the details:
Name: Rudrak Mathur
Departure: 8AM
He checked his Id proof, verified his details and allowed him to go inside.
He looked at his ID proof ‘it was pathetic’.
A person Facebook pictures are the best while his ID proof pictures are the worst.
He checked his watch- 5 am.
His parents always said ‘it’s better to reach early than late’.
He took his parents advice too seriously. He had reached way before.
He looked around most of the seats were taken.
He finally saw one empty seat in the deserted corner.
He quickly rushed towards the seat and settle down.
He looked around, he saw a girl deeply engrossed in reading ‘The Kite Runner’.
Wow, he liked the book.
‘A book which person is reading reflect a lot about a person’
He checked his phone, his battery was drained out.
He looked around to find a charger point . He saw one point in front of the girl to which a yellow color Nokia Lumia was connected.
‘Nokia, once industries bell weather now a merely an ordinary company. How suddenly time changes’.
He walked towards the point and asked her ‘Excuse, can I charge my phone. My battery is dead’.
She took out the phone and continued reading.
He again settled down to his chair and looked at his watch.
Time: 5.15
‘Still many hours to pass’
He passively looked around, the girl was still engrossed in her reading.
He finally decided to talk to her.
He mustered his courage and said ‘Hi. Where are you going?’
& you
He introduced himself and they started talking.
Soon they were chatting non stop for next few hours about life in I.T, politics, and even relationships.
‘It’s always easier to open to strangers than to your closed one’
Finally the boarding announcement was done and they departed to their own destination.

1 month later,
He saw a ping from her on facebook.

They continued chatting ever since and became very good friend.

Inspiration: well, if every relationship becomes a love story than what will happen to friendship.. We are bound to attract toward opposite sex and many times this attraction leads to many break up. We always need friends to reckon upon in hard times as well as to enjoy in good times.


A girl in the Hustle & Bustle of a City

It’s Monday morning when everyone with a dull face rushes towards the office after a fun filled weekend.

A girl is standing on the divider waiting for signal to turn red.

She crosses the road and reaches her office on 10th floor.

She sits in her tiny cubicle at a corner of the office, her work involves checking balance sheet of a multinational giant.

She spends next several hours in checking the balance sheet and finally after a tiring day returns home at 9pm.

While returning home, she passes Marine drive. She stops there to sit and enjoy the view.

She closes her eyes & wonder where her life is heading to.

She wasn’t happy with her job.

She constantly asked herself –

“Meine zindagi mein kya ukaada?”
(What impact did leave on life?)

Do I love the hustle and bustle of the city or the silence of a small town?

Undecided she gets up and decides to walk towards her home.

In between, she was a interrupted by a beggar who repeatedly asked her to give him money.

She paused and reflected her thoughts towards the beggar.

‘If he was educated, he won’t be begging’

Next day, At 9am the entire world was busy rushing towards there office while a girl sat on a train towards bihar to change the system, to make an impact on the world and to educate the people from her village.

Inspiration: Few days back, I read an article about a girl who was a chartered accountant left a plush job in an MNC to start a school in a village. After all, it’s the people who took the road less traveled differentiate themselves from the world..


a girl in the train

Surrounded by people with twice his age and half his wit, Vikram found train journey quite boring..
He was constantly bombarded with personal questions such as job, native place etc.
‘Indians have a strange habit of asking too many personal questions in their first meeting’
Finally they served dinner which even dog will forbid to eat. ‘horrible food’. ‘how can someone eat this pathetic food’ remarked someone while trying to finish eating. Vikram laughed on the irony of the man since he was cursing and eating simultaneously.
He needed a puff badly, he checked his pocket to see the red and white Malboro lights packet. On seeing, the packet he felt relieved and walked out to find comfort in himself.
He stood at the corner of the gate inhaling happiness while lost in his thoughts..
Suddenly, he heard ‘excuse me’ in a sweet melancholy voice.
He looked at her with amaze and fascination.
‘Can I have a light?’ pointing towards his cigarette.
‘sure’, he light a cigarette.
she took a puff and found instant relief.
‘thank you’ – she said.
‘when you share a cigarette, you share your life story with that person. You instantly connect’..
‘I am vikram thapar’, he said still trying to avoid gazing at her voluptuous body and cute face.
‘Hey. I am tanya khurana’.
‘where are you going’
‘This train has only 1 stop isn’t it’, tanya tried to over smart him.
‘Girls always have funny way to reply’
he smiled and she smiled back..
“what you do?”
I am architect who build people’s dream home.
and you?
‘I am a fashion designer who make people’s dream clothes’
‘we both build something huh what a coincidence’
he was still avoiding direct gaze but he couldn’t help himself on seeing her small fair hand, red Pink Floyd t-shirt and her butterfly tattoo..
She also admired his tall masculine figure with a broad face.
They both took another drag. Smoke was in the air and her thought’s in vikram’s mind..
They both looked at the constantly changing black view with dots of light..
Heavy wind blew her hair and she looked more attractive..
There was a complete silence yet their eyes were talking..
He looked into her eyes and she looked into his eyes..
There was an instant spark..
After her cigarette finished.
she thanked him and left towards her sitting but she left a strong memory in vikram’s mind..
He looked at the watch, still 10hours more to reach Delhi, he hoped to get another chance to talk to her.

He lighted another cigarette to thank his dear friend after all if there was no cigarette, he couldn’t have met her..

P.S: I don’t smoke nor promote smoking.

Don’t break traffic rules

I saw an accident in front of my eyes.

The biker was driving on the wrong side and suddenly a car got in front of him and there was a head on collision, biker flew in the air and got hit by the divider.
He was severely bruised and his blood was spilled over the road.

On seeing the accident, I stopped for a few seconds and thought to help him, but already many people gathered around the scene.

I proceeded towards my office with images of the accident in my head

Whose fault is it?
We can easily blame the biker driving on the road side, but I guess we all are responsible.

We promote traffic rules violation if no cop is around.
We over take from the wrong side by saying โ€œeveryone is doing itโ€
We drive on the wrong side of the road to avoid a traffic jam on the other side.

I’m equally to be blamed as on several occasions, I rode on the wrong side of the road by simply following the bikes. If you drive on Hinjewadi road (in Pune), it’s a common sight to see the vehicle tailing each other like an ant on the wrong side of the road.

Everyone is aware of the perils of driving on the wrong side and breaking the rules yet we exploit every single opportunity.

Friends, Rules are made for our own safety. So please follow them.

You might reach your office 10 minutes late, but at least you will reach safely.

Accidents can also happen due to any other person’s fault, so Wear Helmet and Seat belts.


A lady across the street

I am standing in my terrace, looking at the lady with a pale face and sad eyes. I am wondering ‘what is she thinking?’
Probably wondering about her kids who must be living in far away land, may be waiting for her husband to return..
I couldn’t help myself from wondering ‘Is a job of a women to wait for her husband or children?’
When was the last time, she smiled for herself?
Is there any happiness in her sad eyes?
Is she happy with the choices and sacrifices that she has made throughout her life?
And the most important Q – ‘when was the last time someone appreciated her?’
Now, I ask myself –
when was the last time when I appreciated my mother for keeping my bed clean, for serving food even before I ask, for showering love and kindness?’
A simple observation can open channels.
I read it somewhere ‘open your mind before you open your mouth’ but we should open our mouth to thank her mom too.

Remember: everyone appreciate a compliment.

Be compassionate..