Quality of Great Leaders

Have You ever wonder Why there are only few leaders and rest are followers.

Why we had blind trust in the agenda of Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi .

 Mahatma Gandhi wasn’t the only indian who wanted Independence . Similarly Martin Luther King wasn’t the first person to be harassed of being black. However these people were different . History remember them and we respect them .

How these people were able to bring about the revolution ?

All these great leaders have a common pattern .

The pattern is called ‘Golden Circle’ – It comprises of three circle : Outer circle is ‘What’, Middle circle is ‘How’ ,and outer circle is ‘Why’.

A common person takes outside to inside approach . First What, second How and then Why. Let us take example of Mp3 player, a salesman comes to you and says – We have the best mp3 player in the market (WHAT) ,we have the following features (HOW), and so you should buy it (WHY). Will you buy that  mp3 player – NO, i will be skeptical about the intention of the salesman.

How leaders function – Inside to  outside approach . First – Why, second- How and then Why. Let us take example of Ipod . Apple says our purpose is customer satisfaction (WHY), we will attain our purpose by continous innovation (How), With our continous effort we have produced this product(WHAT). Will you buy a ipod – Hell yeah .

Another example , in 1963 there was no TV , no radio yet 250,000 people ,among them 25% were white,traveled from all across the place to Washington to listen to Martin Luther King speech because they believe in his believe . His speech was’I have a dream’ not ‘i have a plan’.

Have Believe in yourself

Always ask yourself Why – Why – Why – Why . Keep asking till you get the answer.





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Will Rupee Rise against Dollar ?


66 – my reaction like every other indian was WTF.

Let us examine the scenario.

Cause :

  •  The rupee has fallen 15% in just four months and the blame is being laid on global economic conditions but weak domestic market is to be blamed.
  • During recession the government went in for consumption oriented fiscal strategy causing rise in the fiscal deficit , fall in domestic saving and sharp increase in imports , hence increasing the current account deficit (CAD) to unmanageable proportion. India has a CAD (shortage of dollars) of $60-70 billion per year.
  • Lack of policy decision was another big factor.

On a brighter side , the weak currency also provides a opportunity in improving exports which may help the trade deficit to shrink.

Impact :

A high dollar means high import bill , causing country’s fiscal deficit to increase and further stoking the inflation.

Solution :

  • To make up for $60-70 billion gap we need to revive investor sentiment (FII) by attracting capital flow and fiscal consolidation.
  • We need to restore fiscal discipline , there is a urgent need to correct inflation and reduce CAD.
  • Raising of the Foreign Direct Investment (F.D.I) cap in retail and aviation industry can be a booster.
  • Issuing Non Resident Indian (N.R.I) bonds can raise upto $10bn.

I hope we can revert back to the range of 47-50 , lets see how long the pain continue?



The Success Story Of IndiGo Airline

“Running an airline is like having a baby : Fun to conceive , but Hell to deliver “.


Indian Airline Industry is expected to post a total loss of up to Rs 7,700 crore while all the leading airline are under the crisis only IndiGo is still making money .

This made me curious and i took the most predictable action – GOOGLE It and read various article and research paper and finally was able to find the answer to my question – how did it managed to make profiit while its competitors are bleeding .

Let us look at its business model :-

  • Its based on The Austerity Model which focuses on the cost . The airline has shunned frequent flier programmer , airport lounges , special check In , TV screen on board.
  • It has a reputation for On Time Punctuality and has managed to save cost by buying single type of aircraft ‘Airbus 320’ thus minimizing its maintenance and pilot training  cost.
  • Keeping Internal cost under control and it has a deal with CAE, to provide training to its pilot cadets .
  • Good On board service  and clean aircraft.
  • Low Fare cost (my favorite) has resulted in more passenger.

The credit for its success would be incomplete without mentioning Aditya Ghosh , president of IndiGo who has being the driving force behind the success ! 🙂

FYI – Aditya didn’t have any prior knowledge about aviation industry and withing 4 years of joining IndiGo was appointed as the president , he is 32 🙂 & has been playing the role of the man at the helm .