Punch line

My sister and me were discussing papa’s funny punch line while the topic ended with a laugh. those punch lines kept me awake. There are few things in out life which keeps out binded to our roots value. For me, those punch lines form an integral part of growing up. They are not just family funny anecdotes but also has lots of hidden value In it.
We are still teased by dad for these lines.
Concentrate Karo – dad use to come and massage our for head and used to say ‘beta, concentrate karo’. Now, it just bring a smile to my face. Yes, it’s important to concentrate in life and achieve success
Kade ho jao, aur majdoori Karo – whenever dad uses to find us, lying around he used to comment that Kade ho jao aur majdoori Karo. It makes sense now, there is no short cut to success. Whenever somebody use to him what he does he uses to reply I am a labour. Haha, as one point I did believe him when I was too small.
There are many other punch lines but i guess for now they are good enough after all some jokes should remain in family only…
Every family have their own inside jokes and funny moments. There is no substitute to those moments, those moments bring pure joy and laugh to our life. Happiness indeed


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