My Favorite Poster

My Favourite Poster

During my childhood, I had two posters in my room.

One poster was about Batman, my favorite Superhero. Why Batman? It’s simple, he is the best super hero as he doesn’t pose any gifted power and his gain all the abilities to fight crime on the basis of technology, his cleverness and several martial arts training. “He is human” – this is his greatest strength. Unlike other superhero who came from outer space or got a powerful ring or got strength due to radioactive element, Batman power lies in his ability to perceive any threat (street smartness) and intelligence. His bitter past and hope for a better future makes him a perfect vigilante. I can go on and on but just want to say – He is just awesome!  On a side note, I love the character of Bruce Wayne more than Batman.

A second poster was of a quote “Empty mind is devil’s workshop”. My mom use to say this quote a lot and always pushed me to something rather than spend time glued in front of the television. (I still managed to sneak into the TV room to watch cartoon network especially Batman).

Anyways, our mind has limitless potential, and we sometime let it rot. I always try to keep myself occupied as much as I can. May be that’s why I am fond of developing new hobbies – Jack of all trades! Whenever I am bored, I think about this quote and try to engage my mind. This habit has helped me a lot over these years (especially reading books).

Currently, I have a poster on my wardrobe of my favorite poem – Roll the Dice by Charles Bukowski.




Dawn & Dust in Johannesburg

This event took place in a night club in Johannesburg, South Africa. Event of this post are based on “True Story”.

As he enter the club, Madhav (a.k.a Mad by haters) was excited and in high spirit. He was having a blast on his vacation. We ordered the shots for him and his friends, they all were chilling at the club. Music was good, crowd was good and vacation was going better than plan, another reason to take one more shot – “TO HAPPINESS”! He was standing at the bar, ordering another drinks for him. He was looking at the door, when he saw her entering the club. She look glamorous in her black dress, he black eyes, her voluptuous figure and he radiant smile. She was the perfect 10. He couldn’t keep his eyes out from her neither do any other guy in the club. Their eyes met and she gave him a smile. He couldn’t resist talking to her, he walked up to her and started talking to her. Charming a women was his forte, he was born with the talent. He started sweet talking to her and ask her to dance. With the eyes lock into each other, they kept on dancing with their arms wrapped around each other just like a blanked. They were lost into each other, then finally he said “let’s go somewhere peaceful”. She paused for few minutes and nodded ‘yes’. They left the club, she had her own car, they both drove around the coast. She stopped the car in between and said – let’s go to the beach.. With beer and hands tightly closed into each other’s hand, they ran towards the beach. They sat in the corner of the beach, drinking beer, admiring the moonlight and sound of the waves.

They started kissing, his dream finally came true….

They started kissing, his dream finally came true….

They started kissing, his dream finally came true….

They started kissing, his dream finally came true….

They started kissing, his dream finally came true….

They started kissing, his dream finally came true….

Next morning, he woke up without his wallet, and clothes!

P.S -Yes, the girl mixed his drink and robbed him.

While my friend was narrating the incident to me yesterday, he gave two advice: 1. Don’t be too drunk & take her to your place 2. Make sure you have text details about her to your friends.

While I sat on the couch, laughing my ass off and remembering the scene from Dil Chahta hai. #MenWillBeMen

Please share your similar incidence?