Random Thought Series #6


The best way to clear your mind is to write about it. Here, I am writing about my worries, thinking it might solve it. I wish it was so easy. So what’s bothering you – is it your laziness or your lack of focus. When I read those two words, they just hit bull’s eye. Truth is the bitter. I am smart but lack discipline. I can be easily distracted.

This wasn’t the case always, when I close my eyes and think about focus. Image comes to my mind ‘I amĀ sitting in the college library’. I could easily focus for hours without thinking about random stuff. I am the same person but what has change now?

May be I have gotten use to making excuses.

Yes, excuses, I have excuses for everything. The worst thing you can do to yourself is to lie to yourself and ignore the fact that to be great, you need to work hard like crazy. Remember there is no free lunch.

What’s bothering me right now –

Internship – Need to find one so how – apply more, prepare more for the interviews.

Algorithm – Need to understand what’s happening in the class. My mid term is next week, need to study hard.

Coding – Ok, say it loud – you suck in coding but coding isn’t a rocket science. you can learn it and master the art by practice.

Discipline – You make a plan for the day than you don’t follow it, rather delay it. If you assign a task, make sure you finish it.

“You rock!” you know it, you feel it & now is the time to prove it.

Make your mom proud.

Good Luck, go back to studies.