I recently attended a philosophy session about morality and ethics in a corporate environment, this lecture exposes me to new area that I was unfamiliar with ‘what will you do when you have to make a tough decision?’ After the guest lecture, I went out with my new acquaintance from the class. Soon the discussion drifted from one Max Ethiopian society to some XYZ philosophy. (Honestly, I didn’t know anything about philosophy, so I had to go home and watch a YouTube video to understand what they were talking about). Soon the discussion heated and I was enjoying it.

So I went back home with lots of new thoughts and suddenly I thought about the widely debated question – what to do choose?

Power / Money / Fame / Happiness

Oh, definitely, Money. Growing up in a middle class family, I have realized its importance.

Oh, definitely, Power. I would like to have the power to make strong decisions and to change something.

Oh, definitely, Fame. It would be good to know that you are just anybody walking on the street.

Oh, definitely, happiness. What’s the point of money, fame and power if I ain’t happy?

Clearly, I wanted everything but everything isn’t possible.

It’s so damn confusing. Isn’t it to choose between money and happiness?

You need for money to remain happiness, but the counter argument of money can’t buy happiness.

Money can buy peace of mind during a vacation in the Bahamas.

Right now, my mind says It’s all bullshit, be an achiever rather than thinking finish your assignment.

P.S – I should stop going to these philosophy guest lectures, they fuck with my mind.




My goal

Every man and women have dreams to be rich or famous or powerful or happy. No one can get everything. You need to choose which one do you want. Have you thought what is your goal in life. I want to be rich. I want to earn lots of money with my hard work. I could fulfill my goal by only hard work, strong determination, focus and motivation to make a dent in the universe. I have a dream where I am sitting in a big corporate office heading a big team and making strategic decisions. Did I told you about flying in business class and helicopters. I can achieve these dreams by working hard now. My first job or internship will make all the difference. So from now onward, I will start preparing for it. No more funny YouTube videos or movies. Its do or die situation now. You need to achieve your goal. Ask yourself if a particular activity aligns with your goal than do it otherwise leave it. You will have enough time to pursue them later. Explore america and find out more about your place. Be proactive and improve your analytical skills. You love all these things, just don’t get distracted. Remember you are captain of your soul and master of your future.
Go get it!

Why I love reading

Its 0 degree outside, I am covered in my comforter with floor lamp next to me and a hot coffee in my left hand and kindle in my right hand in which I am reading “you must be joking, Mr Feyman”. While I am reading the book, I am completely lost in the life of physicist feymann. I always wonder why I love reading so much over watching movie.. Yes, I do watch movies but I prefer to read a good book any day any time over wasting time on TV.
Why do I love reading so much?
As a kid I wasn’t into reading. Yes, given a chance to Change 1 thing I my life, it would be to go back and inculcate habit of reading books in my childhood. Whenever I think about childhood, all I think about is me sitting in front of television watching spiderman and other cartoons. Now I think about it what a waste of time but anyways coming back to books, I started reading when I went the Bangalore. I started with shydney Sheldon and other popular fiction author soon I found myself dwell into magical world of hogwards. I never stop, I kept on going I can play with different genre to find out my taste. Soon I found out I like everything from classic to thriller. As long as the story is captivating, I will keep reading. Another interesting thing I found out that is have phases of reading. For instance, currently I m in biography phases where I am reading books on famous people.

Whenever I read a book ., I feel at peace and it calms my agitated nerves and mind. Books are and will remain my best friend. They teach me about everything.

I would recommend variety is worthwhile, read different genre.

Keep reading Prateek, now go back to reading.
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Random thoughts

I am feeling good, my motivation level is high and I can achieve anything in the world. I want to remember these lines. Need to sleep less, work more. Emotions won’t take it to the top but your hard work Will. So don’t working hard. Deligency has been your strongest attribute, don’t loose it. You are amazing, stay amazing. Miles to go before I sleep……

Cuban Fury

Usually I don’t watch movies but today I happened to come across a movie called as ‘Cuban Fury’. According to IMDB, it’s rating is 6.2. On any ordinary day, I would have skip this movie to watch any action movie but this wasn’t any ordinary day, I read the synopsis of the movie.The moment it mentioned ‘SALSA’ I decided to watch it.

It’s a story of a fat men who was a salsa prodigy as a salsa but drops out after being bullied as a kid. Many years later, he falls in love with his boss who is a salsa dancer. To impress her, he goes back to the world of Latin dance and finds his won identity.

The movie reminded me of my own salsa experience. My main motivation was to impress girls but when i started dancing I became more and more interested in the steps. There is something about SALSA that you can only feel on the dance floor, may be the rhythm of the music or the way you go forward backward.

After watching the movie, i got pump up and decided to get rid of my lethargy and start acting on it.

You never know sometime you can find motivation in weird places.