Giving up my favorite thing

I can’t live without my________. Fill up the blank whether it’s coffee, ice cream, movies or magazine. Our mind is designed to always search for the comfort of cocoon.. It always resist any kind of change. I tried quitting watching TV series but I have failed several times. As far as I remember, I have at least tried to quite watching TV shows regularly at least 5 times. I always promise my self that I won’t follow the latest series of my favorite show but I end up watching show again and again. The problem with watching these shows is that they are addictive. Your mind can’t stop thinking about what’s gonna happen in the next episode. This way, I end up wasting lot of energy. If you are crazy about any TV show, you will understand what I am talking about.

We know it’s bad and time wastage than why do we end up wasting hours on watching latest trailers or cat videos on you tube and latest episodes of our TV shows.

Simple, our mind is a goddamn couch potato who loves to do things which won’t take any effort.

Enough talking about the problem, let’s talk about solution right? Does it require great will power, dedication and focus?

Yes, it will require all these things for long duration.

But I did had all these things but for a very short duration. I would start with lots of enthusiasm but will lose momentum after few months and lose will power.

Jainism knew about this human weakness hence it has a concept called “” where you give up your favorite thing until and unless your task is completed.

The reason I’m writing this blog is that I am going to ” ” TV shows till the time, I don;t achieve my dream.

I happened to get idea for this blog when I was trying to explain ” ” to my American friend.

DATE – 23rd August 2014







a friend in need is a friend indeed

a friend in need is a friend indeed. This is the core definition of a friendship.
When you are studying in a premium institute, suddenly you feel immense level of competition. Your peers are able to catch up a concept or solve a problem while you are still struggling to reach half way. Than you start feeling a self doubt and start wondering ‘is something wrong with me?’ Never in life lose your self belief. If you don’t believe in your capabilities, how can you convince others to believe in you.
One of my teacher in KOTA once said that always remember ‘you might struggle now but it doesn’t matter, what matters is that in the end you understood. No matters who understood first, what matters is you understood it or not.
Keep eye on learning. University will be giving you a masters degree which indicates you are master in something and for which you need to earn it through sheer hard work and determination.

army soldier

Sometimes you just happen to meet people by chance and you happen to have good conversation.
Best part of being in foreign land is that when you meet someone from your mother country, you automatically connect.
Recently, I met a major from army who had served in siachen, kargil and other high terrain places. We spoke about various issues related to arm forces.
1 government should increase salary of the officer. I admit government gives lots of benefit to them but at the end of the day, it’s about money. When they compare themselves with their counter parts in corporate who buy expensive cars, big houses they feel de motivated. A soldier who protects borders of a country at -36 celsius gets paid peanuts.
2 how army makes you learn from real circumstances. He shared his experience of treating an officer during avalanche while his own hands were freezing n yeah he got a medal for saving lives.
3 army teaches you gratitude and learn importance of small things. He spend 6 months in siachin where he didn’t took bath nor shaved for 3 months, you sleep on wood, you run electricity on generator for just an hour, you realize importance of water only when you drink ice melted water.
4 it’s important that government controls army to keep democracy alive.
5 In USA, veterans are given priority and respect. A friend shared a story of how a game was stopped and everyone stood to salute when they found that they had an officer among them. But in india, soldiers risk their life yet we don’t respect them. When was the last time, when we thanked a fellow soldier who passed us for saving our life?

o’hell with seatbelt

1- please wear seat belt
2- O’hell with seat belt.
1- Why?
2 – it’s uncomfortable and I have full control on the wheels. Nothing can ever happen to me and who wears seat belt, look around you won’t find anyone wearing it so why should I wear?
1 – it’s important for safety purpose. Accident might happen due to either your fault or someone’s else fault. You can’t control someone’s else driving skills.
2 – yes, you are read but I don’t like to wear seat belt. It’s too tacky.
1 – this tacky piece is the only layer of protection between you and death. Unlike, western countries indian automobiles lack air bag and other precautionary measures.
2 – still no body checks yaar.
1 – why do we always need constant monitoring for implementation of the rules. If we are old enough to drive a car, we are old enough to wear seat belt without reminder.
2 – ok, I will wear it. Happy?
1 – smiles.
Next day, 2 is still not wearing seat belt..

P.S – why don’t we ever wear seat belt.

cooking is fun.

All mom’s are fantastic cook and you realize it’s importance when you are staying away from home.
‘There is nothing like mom cooked food’.
Between my dad is also excellent cook while my mom doesn’t like him to cook as he leaves kitchen in a mess. So basically everyone in my family is a foodie and good cook except your very own ‘prateek khamesra’.
Well, I have been living outside since 8 years and I still had zero interest in cooking. I love to eat but not cook.
Before coming to america, my mom did try to teach me basics of cooking but I showed least interest and didn’t even learn a single dish. (A small advice ‘always listen to your mom’ cause she is always right.)
Well, life in America is tough for vegetarian, you don’t have much options. So necessity is the mother of all inventions and I found myself cooking. Yes, I can’t believe me and my roommates made paav bhaaji and suddenly, I got interested in cooking. It’s fun and has lot of similarity with engineering such as you learn by experimenting and it depends on right combination of vegetables and spices. Hence moral of the story is that ‘motivation comes from now, from within.’ This holds true for everything in life whether it’s cooking, studies and work.