Garba Night

I learned a very important lesson during the garba event held in the office.
In a garba , lot of groups are formed. Since I didn’t have my own group , best option was to join other group.

With this intention , I joined the biggest group formed and I tried to cope up with the steps but I realized that dancing in that group wasn’t fun and isoon I left that group .

For couple of minutes , I sat in the corner watching every one dance.

Then suddenly ,next to me a small group was formed and they started dancing , soon I joined that group and started leading that group and soon the group started attracting the crowd and I was enjoying garba.

Moral of the story : Happiness comes when your leading the group 🙂

PrAts !


random thoughts 1!

Nothing can beat a chilled beer.
Sitting on the 7th floor balcony with a view of mountains, I am writing this post.
I am looking at moon.
Just realized if I am looking the moon continuously, a thought came to my mind.
Black Spots of moon makes it more beautiful.
A deep meaning is hidden behind the white light ‘nothing is perfect even the moon has black spots’
Same goes for human being, no one is impeccable

Friends with Ex

i was sitting with a bunch of my friends. we all were enjoying coke with ummm (you know it right).

anyways, our conversation shifted to the topic- ‘can we be friends with our ex’?

everyone was giving their opinion, which was ‘No’ but then i started thinking about it.

i think you can be friends with your Ex*

*condition apply: you cannot date your ex again..

if the person is your ex, majority of the times relationship ends on a bad note but a part of your brain still sometimes think about that person (i know, our brain works in weird ways)

if you contact your ex after few years when time has heal all the wounds than
been friends with your ex can be really beneficial –

the person can become your really good friend with whom you can take advice, share your problems.

the person has a connection with you through your past and sometimes it can help you to open up and share problems.

the person knows your nature and can advice accordingly

you both can have good laugh over your stupidity.

he or she understands you and you can depend on the person

the person will never judge you.

you must be thinking, I am been too supportive but there is a golden rule

the golden rule is that you cannot date again and this should be clear to both the persons otherwise unnecessary expectations start building up.


is love enough?

Few days back, I had a conference call with two of my closest friends who have love each other eternally and decided to get married.
In life, nothing can be so simple. So here’s the twist.
The guy’s family has accepted the girl but girl’s family doesn’t want the marriage as the guy is from different cast.
After discussing and making strategy on ‘how to convince girl’s parent’, we ended up the call.
But my mind is still occupied with the series of events.
In 21st century, isn’t love enough? Isn’t a commitment from a guy to keep girl happy forever enough? Isn’t happiness enough?
I started wondering ‘what’s the big fuss?’
The guy is well settled, highly educated, belongs to a reputed family, sincere and good manners. In short, the guy has every quality that a girl’s family wish for.
I am sure the guy would have been accepted if he had been born in same caste but is it his fault that he belongs to a different caste?
Our generation hardly follows religion and yet we are been berated over inter caste marriage.
Similarly, my another friend is struggling hard to convince his parents to say yes to a guy whom she loves.
Problem here isn’t caste but it’s kundli mismatch.
This again makes me furious.
In modern times when india should move forward, we are been pushed back by our orthodox believes and traditions.
It’s important to respect our rich traditions but please don’t make fuss about it.

Error of the Life

‘error’ frustrated praveen gets up from his seat to drink water
he looks around, he sees a girl walking. she was short, straight hair, beautiful eyes. he found her extremely cute and sat down to continue his work again
every day he would see her as he pass her cubicle .
soon his level of attraction increased, every time she passed him, there would be sudden light in his heart.
several times, he thought to talk to her due to his lack of courage he couldn’t.
Does this situation of the praveen sounds similar to you..
It happens with us that we instantly get attracted to a person but unable to talk to other person due to lack of courage..
This has happened with me too..
Just remember, a simple ‘hi’ can do wonders.

Isn’t love enough

I had a conference call yesterday with two of my closest friends.

Situation: ‘No inter caste marriage is allowed’ is the stand taken by girl’s family.

Boy loves girl and boy’s family has accepted the girl but girl’s family has taken a firm stand.

We are living in the era where technology has made our life much simpler yet we are chain to our orthodox values regarding inter caste marriage.

Even though the guy is a hindu yet family has objection.

I wonder ‘Is the objection because the guy is a hindu or because the girl took her own decision to marry a guy or love marriage’

Isn’t every parents wish that their daughter remains happy then why so much melodrama?

Some things, I can never understand.

Above all, the major hidden factor ‘log kya kahenge’. Does it matter, what will people think? They won’t be there for you when you are sick, why do they matter now?
When does People’s criticism started to matter more than your daughter’s happiness and bright future.

The Guy is highly educated, good nature, belongs to very good family, earns well and is well settled, now you are rejecting just on the basis of caste is stupidity.

Remember few points –

1. Be headstrong, your commitment matters.. Never let your determination to deter..

2. Fight Fight Fight eventually they will agree once they see no other options..

3. Emotional drama ka jaabaz bade emotional drame se do.

4. Hardest step is already over (telling your family) now it’s just about convincing them..

5. You might hurt your parents now but it’s just for a while.. Time heals all wounds.

6. Most important, after 10 years both of you will laugh over this tension.

Good luck my amigos.

I hope this post gives you additional boost..

I am always there for both of you!!