Almost a kiss.

Standing on the top floor of the disc, Dheeraj was looking down but it wasn’t the glittering lights that were falling like a beam of lasers, it was the light of her face that preoccupied his mind.

He turns around and saw the light of her life, Reena.

He simply stared at her.

She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Her curly hair, her small black eyes, her pinkish lips, the way she walks, smile, laugh, the way her cheeks drop when she is upset, the way she takes hours to get ready.

Every single thing about her is beautiful.

He kept staring at her and started thinking about the first time, he saw her five months back.

Even in their first meet, he could sense the instant attraction build up between them.

When he saw her for the first time, the time stop and his eyes kept on staring at her. There’s nothing else in the world that matter.

No noise, no other people, no thoughts or worries, no yesterday, no tomorrow.

The time just stops for him.

She looked at him and smiled because even she knew and felt the same way.

The following five months brought them closer yet he always felt a mile out from her.

“So near yet so Far”.

Several times, he tried expressing her feelings for her, but he couldn’t.

Suddenly, the DJ played his favourite track and his mind wandered back to present.

He saw his friends sitting on the sofa, enjoying their drinks and celebrating double good news – his transfer to Bangalore and her admission to country’s premium business school.

Soon, their path will divert.

He went and sat next to her who was already high after having 5 pegs of vodka.

‘I want your drink’ she pointed at his drink.

‘If you touch my drink, you need to kiss me’, he quipped with a wink.

She grabbed his drink and gulps it down.

She glared at him like she was about to punch him, but then she did something that surprised him even more. She kissed him passionately.

It was not an ordinary kiss, only on that point was something magical around the way their lips came together and the way their eyes met.

After the kiss, both of them realize the feeling of separation will be harder than they imagined.

They decided to separate their ways as neither of them believes in long distance as they seldom works.

Following day, before leaving for the airport, he kept a note on her door-

I’ll always remember. I’ll never forget, how you took my breath away, the first time we kiss. No matter what happens. No matter what we do, I’ll always remember the first time I kiss you.

Two months later,

He still remembers her mesmerizing kiss.

P.S – Inspire from a friend’s story.




She drinks and smokes that’s make her @#$!

“Dude, she drinks” commented a guy.

“Dude, she smokes too” another guy dragging a puff from the cigarette commented pointing towards a girl at the smoking zone.

Despite those curious eyes staring at her, she stood their smoking with a confidence and charm. (in short, I don’t give a damm look)

I don’t smoke but watching her making those perfect smoke rings did convince me for a second that smoking is cool.

This post isn’t about how cool she looked while smoking but its about the comments on her character (I won’t discuss it here but you should get hang of what i am talking about) that follow during the conversation.

In IT industry, stress comes with our job.

Many times employees have too put those extra hours to meet deadlines, stay late night to attend conference calls, work in shifts to support application and my personal favorite worst thing –  work on weekends.

It is a hectic lifestyle.

This hectic lifestyle makes many people resort to smoking and casual drinking.

There is nothing wrong in it as all as you are doing for your own reason not because of peer pressure.

(Who I’m I to preach anyone about pros – cons. Everyone knows it is injurious to health)

My point is – if a guy can smoke, why can’t a girl smoke.

why do people point fingers and give a *i just got a shock* look if they see a girl smoking.

Same stress and pressure is  exerted on the girl, we shouldn’t point fingers on their character just because they smoke or drink.

I am not advocating that smoking or drinking is good.

They are injurious to health and should be avoided as much as possible.

My problem is the ideology people have when they see any girl drinking or smoking.

For example, a guy wants a girlfriend who likes to party, drinks and smokes but when it comes to choosing a wife, he wants a wife who is simple, sober and can be subjugated to his demands and do as he wishes or commands.

We talk about equality but our actions signifies opposite.

I would rather want a partner who can correct me if I am wrong than someone who just obliges my wish.

I would rather want a partner who can walks foot by foot with me than someone who just follow me.

I would rather want a partner who pushes me to achieve greater success in life than just accepting life as it comes by.

All I am saying is that we should stop been hypocrite.

It’s hard to change mindset of a common people if people in I.T who are educated and have traveled abroad talks about female in a degrading manner.

Grow up guys and get a life.

“live and let live”



silent is under rated

“Relationship problems”.

You will always find some one or the other facing issues whether its husband-wife, boyfriend- girlfriend, father-son, mother in law – daughter in law and brother – brother.

Isn’t office stress wasn’t enough. majority of us want to have more stress from relationship..

You come back from office tired, you fight with your spouse/parents again more tired. Vicious cycle continue. Eventually you get burn out.

I hate “Emotional drama” but need to bear it, said a frustrated husband.

Isn’t this common sight in today’s modern life style where relationship has just become a tv channel which are constantly changing. If you broke up with a friend/girl-boy-friend, press a channel and suddenly you made a new one.

Running away from problem doesn’t solve but only aggravates it.

Facing it is the only solution.

How to face it?

Become a active listener.

When was the last time, you actually pretend to her/him (come on if you do listen then you don’t need to read this post)

Communicate don’t argue. There is a difference. It’s very easy to turn a discussion into an heated argument. You just need to understand how to draw a line when things are getting messy.

Until and unless you talk it out. How will you ever solve a problem.

Career is important and make her/him realize that how you buy movie tickets or those beers/tequilla shots in disc. Don’t jeopardize your job over her. If you loose your job eventually you might lose her too.

Spend quality time not quantity. Spend # hour equivalent to entire day. Waise b its always better too spend less time, it always keep the attraction level high.

P.S – it is always good to be a listener in a group discussion where a bunch of single guys are giving tips to a guy who has a gf. (Indians are best in advicing. Lol)

scream from haveli

A young british officer was roaming in the deserted area of rajasthan.

Suddenly, he is a huge haveli (palace) in middle of nowhere. He was amazed by the gigantic size of the haveli, large gate and beautiful outer carvings.

He couldn’t resist the temptation to see the inside of the haveli.

He walked towards it while admiring its beautiful structure.

As soon as he reached inside, he was further amazed by the glimmering crystal chandelier and the interior of the haveli was carved delicately which showed meticulous work of the art man.

On the right side of the haveli, he saw an old man glazing continuously with dull eyes.

He went towards old man and said ‘it is a beautiful palace, is it ok if I bring my family to show them palace?’

The old man with a thick voice and pale face replied ‘If you come back’.

He was taken aback by the sudden reply.

He decided its time to go and walk towards the gate.

As soon as he put his first step out of the house, he was repelled back by a sudden force.

He couldn’t understand what was happening.

He tried again and again. Each time, he failed to move his body out of the gate.

He took a few steps back and ran towards the gate to jump out but all in vain.

Frantically, he rushed back to the old man and yelled “what’s happening, why I can’t go outside the palace”.

The old man replied “This palace has been cursed by a princess who tried to elope from this palace but couldn’t and in the end gave her life with a curse that whoever enters this palace can’t leave, person neither ages, nor feels hungry or thirsty. He just remain stuck here forever.”

“O-noooo O-noooo”. The british soldier starts weeping with a repeated plea “there must be a way out. Help me. Help me”.

Old man replied “there is a way, every full moonlight, palace moves to a different place and you will be allowed to go outside the gate until the moonlight. You have to convince someone to take your place in the palace then only you can escape this malign but there is only one condition”

“What?” replied agitated british soldier”

“You must tell the person truth about the Haveli and its curse.”

Finally, the moonlight came and he ran towards the near by village screaming “help me help me help me”. He tried to convince every person that he met but no one agreed.

Till this date, villagers have seen a huge palace suddenly emerged in a remote place of rajasthan and on every full moonlight, they still hear a men screaming “help me help me help me”.

P.S: this was a story narrated by my friend, sambhav.. This is a famous Rajasthan folk tale.

Yes, I don’t like to listen to MUSIC

Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Now forget the song, and turn that line into the title or inspiration for your post.

“I don’t like to listen to music”

What Whattttt wahtttt waaaaattttt.

yes, this is usual reaction from the people around me.

I don’t have any grievance against music.


It’s just that I don’t like listening to music.

I don’t like rock nor pop.

If I have to listen, I would choose Beethoven symphony any day.

Listen to Symphony 9. You will realize what I am saying. 

It’s pure joy.

45 minutes of masterpiece.

It’s very smoothing to ears too.









Good M v/s Bad M

There are two type of people – good and bad.

This principle holds true in corporate world too.

There are two type of managers – Good Manager (G) and Bad Manager (M)

To elaborate,

A good manager is someone who your respect and want to be like him when you ascend corporate ladder.

A bad manager is someone who has made your life hell and reason for your high stress level (you cursing daily might help)

I had a dream where I am cursing my manager for being dumb wit, idiot and self centered.

Quite an unusual dream for a 25 year old guy who should be dreaming about beautiful girls.

it’s not the dream that worries me, it’s the thought that if I ever be in a managerial position.

What kind of Manager, I want to be?

Of course, A good manager.

it’s 3.20 AM and I am wondering –

But what are the qualities of a good manager?

What are the qualities that I want my manager to exhibit?

What are the qualities that I want reflect if i am manager – 

  1. Knowledge –  whether it is technical skills, domain knowledge or any other aspect of business. For instance, I instantly like someone who is smart and knows insight out of the process and demonstrates strong technical command.
  2. Self Awareness –  If I am aware of myself and what I am doing, I can do all the other things better and guide my team. 
  3. Positive Environment – There will be difficult times, tense situation but it’s a sole responsibilty of a manager to create positive spirit and healthy environment. This can be only possible if employees are motivated.
  4. Long term Benefit – Focus on long term benefit over short term profit. 
  5. Communicate and Interact – Frequently interact with your team, take positive feedback, explain them situation. It should be open house discussion and avoid playing favorites.
  6. Action speaks louder than words. 
  7. Equality – Treat everyone equally and don’t differentiate. Everyone has their favorite but don’t become biased.
  8. Responsibility – take responsibility and fulfill them.

After certain point of time, people don’t work for money but for people around them (colleagues and family).

Remember, you earn your teams respect.

Inspiration: One day, I will be leading a team and on that day, I want to come back and read this article.