Don’t break traffic rules

I saw an accident in front of my eyes.

The biker was driving on the wrong side and suddenly a car got in front of him and there was a head on collision, biker flew in the air and got hit by the divider.
He was severely bruised and his blood was spilled over the road.

On seeing the accident, I stopped for a few seconds and thought to help him, but already many people gathered around the scene.

I proceeded towards my office with images of the accident in my head

Whose fault is it?
We can easily blame the biker driving on the road side, but I guess we all are responsible.

We promote traffic rules violation if no cop is around.
We over take from the wrong side by saying “everyone is doing it”
We drive on the wrong side of the road to avoid a traffic jam on the other side.

I’m equally to be blamed as on several occasions, I rode on the wrong side of the road by simply following the bikes. If you drive on Hinjewadi road (in Pune), it’s a common sight to see the vehicle tailing each other like an ant on the wrong side of the road.

Everyone is aware of the perils of driving on the wrong side and breaking the rules yet we exploit every single opportunity.

Friends, Rules are made for our own safety. So please follow them.

You might reach your office 10 minutes late, but at least you will reach safely.

Accidents can also happen due to any other person’s fault, so Wear Helmet and Seat belts.



A lady across the street

I am standing in my terrace, looking at the lady with a pale face and sad eyes. I am wondering ‘what is she thinking?’
Probably wondering about her kids who must be living in far away land, may be waiting for her husband to return..
I couldn’t help myself from wondering ‘Is a job of a women to wait for her husband or children?’
When was the last time, she smiled for herself?
Is there any happiness in her sad eyes?
Is she happy with the choices and sacrifices that she has made throughout her life?
And the most important Q – ‘when was the last time someone appreciated her?’
Now, I ask myself –
when was the last time when I appreciated my mother for keeping my bed clean, for serving food even before I ask, for showering love and kindness?’
A simple observation can open channels.
I read it somewhere ‘open your mind before you open your mouth’ but we should open our mouth to thank her mom too.

Remember: everyone appreciate a compliment.

Be compassionate..

A Minor Accident (Blog #109)

My right leg got several bruises (Mom if you’re reading this don’t worry, they are just small scratches).

I am thinking “what went wrong?”

I recall the incidence –

I was driving with a speed of 50-60 Km/hour with a car 50 meters ahead of me. 

Lesson #1: Speed thrills but kills too.

Suddenly, the car stopped. I panicked and applied my rear brake as well front brake simultaneously (Big Mistake here) .

Lesson #2; Never ever press disc brake strongly, it will always cause imbalance of bike.

As soon as I applied the brakes, my bike skit and I skit and on the road.

At that moment, my helmet saved me from any injury.

Lesson #3 : Always wear a helmet (very important)

I learned three important lesson with a single fall.

P.S – My bike (‘my precious’) didn’t got any scratches (sign of relief).. 







A Girl In White Saree

It was friday the 13th and one of those cold nights in pune where you find an excuse to wear a jacket.
It was foggy outside and wind was blowing with a hush noise.
To keep my body warm and enjoy the weather, I accompanied my friend with a glass of an OLD MONK at his place.
When the clock struck 12 o clock. I decided it’s time to go back home.
I started my bike and drove towards my home.
While driving back, I noticed from far end a girl standing near rakshak chawk.
She instantly caught my attention and this wasn’t an ordinary girl. She was wearing a distinguishable reflecting white saree with peculiar thing around her neck. I instantly realized its a company tag.
“Another IT employee working late night” (I told myself)
I drove few meters ahead but suddenly stop as something strike my head.
‘What is an I.T employee doing on a saturday night standing in a corner at a desolated road’.
I took a U-turn and drove towards her to curb my curiosity.
‘Excuse me, Can I help you?’ – I asked.
I didn’t get any reply.
‘Excuse me’, I again inquired.
I removed my helmet and went close to her.
On seeing her face, I trumbled and fall back.

Without looking back, I quickly ran towards my bike and drove towards the safest place where every ghost fear to enter, my very own ‘Infosys Campus’.

To curb my readers curiosity –
The girl in the white saree had a round face with No eyes, No mouth, No eyes, No facial expression.

Inspired from ‘A round face’ by ruskin bond.


No movie from past 15 days!

I haven’t seen a movie from past 15 days but today, I watched a movie.

Feeling of guiltiness started prevailing in my heart, I felt disappointed.

I was cursing myself for breaking my promise of No movie for at least 1 month but suddenly, I realized I made 15 days without a movie or a TV show.

Isn’t it amazing?

What did I do without movies?

I read, I read a lot.

After reading continuously from past 15 days, I can feel the difference in my perspective specially my intellectual ability.

My capability to think has increased and my confidence has multiplied by two fold..

I never knew reading could have such a positive impact. I had always read about the benefits of reading but I couldn’t realize until I experienced myself.

Finally I am happy and I want to continue without watching movies and tv shows.

I confidently say that ‘I don’t like watching movies and tv shows’.

And yeah, I am awesome!


Burp! (Blog #107)

Burp!  (Blog #107)

Memories are always confusing, they suddenly erupt from nowhere with just mentioning of a name.

One particular memory of my childhood that I recollect when somebody asked me to share the best food experience I ever had.

Then I narrated him, a very short story-

Every year my family goes to visit our religious place (Nakodaji, Rajasthan). On one such particular trip, we were returning from Nakodaji. It was afternoon time, the temperature outside was rising and we were driving through a road with only desert around us.

I was 14years old and was growing impatient as I didn’t eat anything for a few hours. I was grumbling and complaining. Even my parents were hungry, but unlike me, they didn’t show a single sign of protest. (These things you can always feel by just looking at them).

We drove a few more kilometres and suddenly we saw a roadside ‘Dhabha’ in the middle of nowhere. My dad was a bit sceptical of eating at a Dhabha as he was concerned about hygiene. He spoke in his deep masculine voice “What if we got sick?”

After calculating all options (FYI, we didn’t have any options) my dad decided it’s better to eat at the Dhabha.

We were the only customers there, the owner told us the only thing available was dull and Moti Roti (It is local Rajasthani chapathi which is very thick).

He served us the dal and moti roti dipped in 1 bowl desi ghee.

I took the first bite of the dal, it was yummmmmmy. I still savour the taste of that dal. It was just mind blowing (At that moment, I realized “why good food is the best thing in the universe”)

I ate two moti chapathi and drank 2-3 cups of dal. Even my family was astonished with my sudden appetite.

I don’t remember the amount of the bill, but I recall my dad saying “the food was very tasty and even cheaper”

This memory will forever resonate in my head whenever someone will talk about “my best food experience”.

The only sad part is that I don’t remember the location of that DHABA.

Every year, I pass through the same road and I always look for that Dhaba. I wish I got to eat that delicious dal again!



“Thup Thup” (Blog #106)

I’m sitting at Barber shop.

“Saar, please sit here” Shaamu spoke in his broken English.

I sat on the chair and told him to give me hair massage using Navratna oil.

I closed my eyes.

Shaamu starts pouring hair oil into my head. It brought coolness to my head.

“Thup Thup”. He starts massaging by pressing my head with his fingers.

I start feeling good and suddenly I’m lost in my own thoughts.

Shamu fingers start doing magic.

“Thup Thup” – he presses harder

A series of thoughts start occurring – “What I am doing with my life?”

“Thup Thup” he presses even harder.

“I did engineering to do a work which a 16 year old kid can do it. sshhhhhhitttt, I need to do something constructive with my life”.

More blood starts flowing in my brain when Shamu starts massaging with more oil.

“I need to switch, I need more salary”

Shamu starts massaging using a machine.

He rubs the machine over my neck and over my back.

“Damn, What will happen after the switch. I will do the same work. I should do an MBA”

Shamu starts pressing my back and shoulders. Now he twists my neck.

“Tuck Tuck”

Shamu knows which point to press.

I feel lighter and fresher.

He asks me to open my eyes.

I walk out of the shop with optimism, hope and a clear future plan.

I reach home and sleep zzzzzzzzzz.

Minutes pass away,

Hours pass away,

Days pass away

Months pass away,

I do nothing but compromise with my life and my dreams.