This year will be different!! Blog #105

This year will be different!!

Alpana’s blog has kicked my afternoon sluggishness and compelled me to write my new year resolution..

New year eve, the day to make new resolutions which typically last for few months..

In my case, they are forgotten as soon as my hangover goes away..

But this year, I feel different. May it’s the maturity which comes with age.

I’m determined to stick to my resolutions.

I wonder what went wrong with my previous resolutions.

& I admit they weren’t realistic.

I think of the 2013. It was a year where I had a tryst with failure as well as success.

I did new mistake and learned from them.. I even repeated my few old mistakes (yeah, old habits die hard)..

Yet, what hasn’t changed over the years is my optimism towards life.. I admit, it has taken set back couple of times but has jumped out of its misery every time it falls to its bottom.

Now I close my eyes & introspect myself – what I want to change to become better man?


  • Shred laziness from life and take control of the situation..
  • No more excuses instead need to make progress..
  • No more cribbing about Life & Job, instead need to become more awesome 😛
  • Less TV shows and movies and more Reading & off course more Blogging.
  • Launch my blogging website (yay, If I don’t make it soon, I promise that I will treat every reader.)
  • Last but the most important, I made a Bucket list not to keep it in your drawer instead to live my life. It’s time to scratch those bullet points.. 

You can either relax on your couch and dream about the things that you can do and places you can visit

or you can ……

P.S: I won’t disappoint myself and my Readers (a.ka. fellow blogger friends).

Happy New Year..






JAN: A month without Movies (Blog#104)

JAN: A month without Movies

Everyone has a habit. I believe all habits are good. It’s the perspective which labels it’s good or bad.

For example, ask an alcoholic – For him liquor is an elixir?

Anyways, I was strolling in my society lawn and as usual lost in the world of my thoughts. If you know me, I have this peculiar habit of been lost in my own thoughts.

I was starting at the sky when it occurred to me – what will be life without a habit that you’re so dependent upon?

I’ve made myself a promise. Each month, I will give up a habit that I am dependent upon starting with movies in January.

I have seen countless movies and I simply love watching movies again and again. (Yes, there are movies which have viewed more than 100 times).

I have a strange habit “I always begin with a bang and lost the rhythm in the end. I give in to the temptation and keep breaking commitment which I make it to myself”

But it’s a new year, a new beginning. It’s time to change J It’s time to bring discipline in my life.

P.S – what will be a month like without a movie? Wait till January end when I will share my answers.



When I stop Saying “I am bored’ & Got A Life: Blog #103

When I stop Saying “I am bored’ & got a Life

This blog isn’t a preaching but an anointment from my life.

Before going to the topic, I need to mention the background.

After my breakup, I found sufficient time to myself.

Initially, this time is quite exciting – No more talking on the phone (even when you don’t want to talk), No more thinking about her, No more getting upset about the fights, no more frequent beep beep of the messages.

Eventually the exciting time dies and boredom creeps in.

I had plenty of time to kill anyway.

For instance, you come back from the office and you have nothing to do. (I had downloaded and watched all the new movies and all latest TV shows)

Soon, I found myself doing nothing – just sitting and waiting for the long night to get over.

Eventually, I started using the “B-word” (I AM BORED).

I would keep chanting ‘I am bored’ all the time. Honestly if I met that old Prateek, I would have definitely said “This guy is such a bore”.

Yes my friends, a breakup can make a happy and go lucky guy into a boring and sad guy.

This cycle continued for a couple of months until I attended the Infosys Award of Excellence where Anupam Kher was the guest speaker.

It’s been almost a year since I have heard that speech but still his line resonates in my mind –

 “In my lifetime, I have never used 3 letter words – I AM BORED”.

Suddenly, my eyes which were shut opened up. I was not only mesmerized by his words but found my lost zeal.

I promised myself, I will never ever say I AM BORED.

I have developed a mechanism in which the moment I feel I have nothing to do; I collect anything to keep myself busy whether it is my bedside novel, house cleaning, washing clothes, taking a walk in the society or talking with my parents.

Thank You Anupam Kher Sir.

Moral of the Story: ‘Empty mind is a devil’s mind’. Keep yourself busy and promise yourself never to say ‘I am bored’.



My First Red Rose!

It’s recess time at Maharana Mewar Public School where a hundreds of young hearts come out of their classes flooding the hallways with noise and chatter but I can’t hear a thing… because today…. is

Valentine’s Day.

It’s the day when a guy gets to ask a girl out on a date.

Fellow Toastmasters & dear guest,

Do you remember your first Valentine day? How old were you? Who was your first crush? What happened?

Yes, we all remember the story of our first crush & today I’m going to share with you the story of “How Prateek Met Alisha?”

I was a 14 years old. Remember the students in the class who would complete assignments before time, sit in the first row and answer every question that teacher asks. The students who were teacher’s favorite and arch enemy of the last bencher’s. I was one of those students.

But everything changed when “Alisha Sharma “walked into the class. At that moment, I realized life isn’t complete until you find the person with whom you want to share your heart with…

Alisha had those mysterious look, her eyes would always twinkle when she laughed, and her hair would bounce every time she walks. There was no other girl in my school like Alisha Sharma.

I had such a crush on her that every time I talked to her I would stand still like a zombie but mind it my friends, Alisha was like no other girl in my school, she thought it was hilarious but I thought the opposite and always cursed myself.

So you must be thinking, what’s the problem.

The guy likes the girl, and the girl likes the guy.

Happy ending just like a bollywood movie.

But here is a twist.

Two weeks ago, Alisha told me about this mystery guy on whom she had a crush. Every time she talked about him, it literally killed me thousand times.

So according to Alisha, this guy was-

  • Tall
  • Handsome
  • funny

Okay, I knew I wasn’t tall, I wasn’t handsome either and neither was I funny.

But I was

  • smart,
  • cute
  • short

Inspired from the movie Mission Impossible, I found my very own operation to ask Alisha out on a day.

It was 14th February, Wednesday afternoon; Operation Alisha was on full swing. My best friend Sunny gave me an Intel that Alisha was taking to her best friend about their favorite subject The Backstreet Boys!

As I walked towards I heard a voice in my head, it said…

Hey, I don’t think we can do this…

Are you really gonna do this, what if she says no?

She’s gonna laugh at you, what if she’s talking to mystery guy??

As I got closer to her, the voice got stronger and it said…

Are you out of your my mind?

What are you doing?

STOP. Don’t do this.

& it did stop and stood there like a statue.

There was a mental war going in my mind. My heart was pounding and my palms were sweating.

But haven’t we felt llike that? Perhaps on the first day of the job or perhaps when your entering the examination hall or perhaps when your giving your first speech.

& suddenly, my mind said “You can do it”

The feeling From “You’re a Loser” to “You’re a winner” kicked in.

I closed my eyes & took a deep breath & realized the reason why I was doing it –

Alisha was insanely cute, I had a huge crush on her and I don’t want some mystery guy to ask her out first.

The first step is the hardest step.

But regardless, take the first step.

If you want to write your speech but you’re scared to do it. Do it anyways.

If you want to sing but scared of what will people think. Do it anyways.

If you want to ask that girl out you say –

“Hey Alisha, do you want to go out on a date with me?”

No matters what happens, whatever be the result or whatever people think. Your already a winner because you won the battle with yourself..

What I want to tell you is “Don’t expect anything to happen – just go out & get it”.

Well the story isn’t over yet.

You must be thinking what did Alisha said?

She said “Yes”

But now you must be thinking what happened to that mystery guy?

A week later after our first date, I asked her “who was that mystery guy, don’t worry you can tell me, I won’t mind”.

& she replied “Prateek, guys are totally clueless & you just don’t get it. There was no Mystery guy & she hugged me”.

Thank You!