Cheers To My Mistake

I’m writing after a long hiatus.

Let me go back to the time when I had only land line connections with one connection in the parent’s room and the other in the hall making it impossible to talk for more than 15 minutes.

Let me go back to the time when I used to spend my time fighting with the friends for who gets to bat first?

Let me go back to the time when I was in grade 8th.

The memory is still fresh in my mind as if the incident happened yesterday.

That incident taught me a lifelong lesson which I’m going to share with you.

It was a hot summer afternoon when everyone was busy solving the algebra questions for the quarterly mathematics paper while I was busy trying to get a glimpse of the answers from my best friend’s answer sheet.

I was frustrated as I couldn’t see the answers and time was slipping by.

As the allotted time was about to finish, In an desperate attempt I asked him to show the answers to me.

He said “NO” by shaking his heads.

I couldn’t believe it.

Your best friend saying ‘No’ to you when you need him the most is the second worst thing that I can happen to you.

(First worst thing is getting married to Rakhi Sawant)

The exam ended, I yelled and cursed him for not helping him.

He said “You will understand Why I did it?”

but I didn’t understand the reason & the most dreaded moment arrived.

Next week, the most awaited moment for the toppers came “Exam Result”.

Mansa Sapra Mam (I still cannot forget her name) called my name ‘Prateek Khamesra = 9/100’. (2nd lowest marks)

Imagine the worst feeling you ever had in your life and quadrupled it. Yes, that’s the measurement of sadness, I was going through.

I walked up to her with my head down took the report card and sat down on my seat.

Some of you might be wondering “Why the big fuzz about failing in math’s exam, I used to fail in math’s all the time right?”

Well I was among the top 5% of my class & it was the second most humiliating moment in my life.

The failure teaches you the most important lessons of your life..


I worked hard and scored 90% in my next Maths exam.

It’s been years since that incident happened and now I understand the reason why he did what he did.

The lesson: “You’re always on your own”




SOP Draft 1

Significance : need of mem
Career goal : consultant
College : courses, internship, squash bronze, thai boxing gold cultural head
College Project : non linear system
Infosys : projects and awards
Extra : squash, salsa, toastmasters, voy
Univ and prof

Innovation and need to solve complex problem hence we need mixture of two skills which is adequately provided by MEM. The courses offered in MEM will help me to attain my short term and long term goals.
Since childhood, I had curiosity for minute technical details which led me to pursure eee from vtu, belgaum.
Rigorous structure of our course taught me the fundamentals of engineering which I got to implement in my final year project ‘non linear plant’ which has a huge benefit and practical usage.
My first stint with BHEL- inc efficiency by 5%
Balance between extra and academics. Squash and Muay Thai champion. Also chosen as cultural secretary in college
Infosys – two projects – 3.5 years
Citi – what you taught you/award
Barclays – what you taugh you/award
The achievements in the prof carreer propelled me to learn and gain knowledge in managerial skills.
Extra curricullar too
Salsa and toastmasters
My excellence background and achievements make it right fit for your program. I will work hard to achieve my goals