Am I scared?

” Bheegha hua aadhmi , Baarish se nahin darr tha ”  – Anupam Kher.

I always envy people who follow their passion & made their passion their dream.

I always admire those who took the path less traveled.

After writing those above points –

I ask myself –

“Am I sacred?”

“When will I get to follow my dream”

“When will I get to leave the cozy warmth of an I.T field”.

There are lots of questions in my  mind & only few answers.

As if now, only thing that I can do is to wait for the Sunshine.





The moment I logged into Facebook, it asked me “What’s on my mind?”

I  replied “I LOVE SALSA”.

& then a miracle happened (p -pause ), I got 45 Likes and 10 comments (p)

Several minutes later, I got a call from my mom who read my status (Yes, I have added my Mom in my Friend List).

She thought, I do this – “Slide 1”


I replied “NO”.

Again, after several minutes, I got a call from my best friend asking about my status.

He thought, I do this “Slide 2”


I again replied “NO”.

Fellow toastmasters and dear guest,

I do this “Slide 3”.


Today, I’m going to share with you a breathtaking story .

But before I go ahead with me, I want you to know this – (p)

“Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. ” (p)

It was a summer afternoon of 2011 when I enrolled myself for “Salsa for Beginners”.

There i was (pointing towards the screen) without the specs and there she was minus the blond hair.

I was taken a back by her beauty, I said to myself ” Wow , God must be on Bench when making her, she was so beautiful & perfect – her resplendent skin , her cherubic smile, her ebullient eyes”.

Instantly, I knew I was in “LOVE“. She was my Lady love and I was her man of the dreams.

Within seconds, I decided our honeymoon destination

I was busy deciding our kids name whether chunu, Munu or Tunu , (p) suddenly the instructor called everyone to partner up.

This was my chance, I ran like Ulsan Bolt   & stood opposite her.

There I was standing in front of my lady love, waiting for our eyes to meet & fall in love 🙂

But (p) I was confounded with a puzzle whether to follow the instructor’s instruction or to look into her eyes & propose my eternal love for her.

After much deliberation & reconciliation, I made up my mind – I would do the latter & I will keep looking into her till she falls in love with me.

When I was about to look into her eyes, When Our eyes were about to meet, When Our destiny was about to meet & fall in love then something completely unexpected happened (p)

Instructor said “SHIFT” & she walked to the next partner.

I was dejected, debilitate & gloomy.

I reprimanded the instructor for being the Amrish Puri of my love story.

Then I remember –

“Love triumphs all odds”.

Like Shahrukh khan, I sprung out of  self pithy &  devised a strategy to win her heart.

It was a full proof plan which included 3 T’s 

Talk to her,

Take her Number,

Take her out for a dinner.

I could smell the victory & I knew my plan would be successful.

Only thing that I needed to do was to wait for my turn.

After numerous Shifts & Turns, our destiny met & there was she standing in front of me.

I was about to talk to her but my body became numb & I stood there like a statue just uttering a single word “HI

I was waiting for her to reply & suddenly I heard “Shift””

She walked away, shattering my hopes & our future.

I said to myself

‘its never too late. You can still talk to her. Remember you have nothing to lose. What’s the worst that can I happen. She won’t talk to you but at least she will get to know you”

I waited for my turn to come & I prayed to Lord Ganesha “Dear God, Please help me, I will definitely offer you Rs 101 with my salary”

You must be wondering “Why Rs101”

Well “God knows everything (p), including my SALARY”

Suddenly, a miracle happened, the instructor who was amrish Puri turned into a cupid and called for a break.

She was standing in the corner, I walked up to her & said “Hi, I’m Prateek”,

She smiled and replied “I’m Katrina”

 (I said to myself –  First T was successful i.e 33.3% work done) .

I tried to continue the conversation by asking her things such as native place, her likes & her dislikes.

Friends, Talking to a girl is never difficult but (big pause)to continue talking to her is indeed difficult.

Also The level of difficulty depends upon the level of beauty.


A Men’s mind is designed to do multitask but in this situation heart is designed to do only a single task at a time.

I had to make a tough choice, either to look at her or to pay attention to the conversation.

I choose the later one.

We talked.

attempted to crack Jokes.

She laughed (attempt successful).

Now it was time for my second T & Then I made my Move.

“Can I have your Number?”

She said “Sure, it’s 9764—–“. Wait I’m not tell you the Number after all it’s my hardwork.

I was on cloud 9 .

The class ended & we walked out of the studio.

I looked happy, She looked happy & the world around me looked Bissful

At that moment, everything seems perfect  (p).

& then a suddenly (Serious tone) a fast moving car rushed towards and and and

a kid shouted from inside the car “Mom, Let’s Go, We are getting late.”

Thank You.

Over to you toastmaster.



why I love twitter?

Why I love twitter! Few reasons –

1. In an bollywood obsessed Indian society where celebrities are treated like a god, twitter has brought us closer to them.
For instance, every Indian face illuminates with reverence when I say “Amitabh Bacchan”. Thanks to twitter, I have realized even he thinks like us, acts like us, faces the same problem like us. In short – even he is human not a divine personality and twitter has helped u to reduce the gap between a celebrity & a common man.

2. My sense of humor has improved significantly though I still find hard to use those quirky and funny tweets in an apt situation. Also

“Some funny Tweets instantly rejuvenates my mood”.

3. I learn from every tweet. Yes, twitter is a holy grail of good knowledge. There is so much to learn. People share and grow on twitter

4. My personal favorite – I can update my status without worrying about how many likes I have got or How many comments I have got.  Also I don’t have to worry about what my relatives & parents think as they don’t follow me on twitter (but yes they are on Facebook).


why I quit Facebook

Social media is based on an interesting phenomena of Time waste.

These days we are more concerned in showing to others our life is happening rather than making our life happening.

You have 2000 friends, I have just 500 friends 😦 (We are choosing quality of friends over quantity of friends)

Even if our life is tedium, we try to make it happening with the constant status update or check in.

Eg – even if a person is sipping a tea at his house, his status update would tell a completely  different story such as “chilling at Hard Rock cafe”

Even if a person spends his entire Sunday afternoon at home, he/she uploads 6 months old picture of outing trip.

Another thing, we constantly compare our life with others.

We look at the life of others –

Wow he/she is in Goa, while I am just sitting at home.
Wow he/she is in onsite while I am still working from offshore.
Wow his/her photo got 200 likes, my display picture just got 50 likes.

Think about it – Does it matter,how many Fb friends he/she has?
Does it matter,how many likes he/she got on her photos?
Does it matter, he/she is in Goa?

Does all the above point matter?

No right?

So stop complaining and start living your life.

I said to myself –

There is a bigger world outside Facebook and its called real world.