Stay healthy and fit !

Not only my body but also my productivity has taken a toll by this scorching heat.

Most of the time, I am tired and lethargic.

After doing some research and as per my own understanding, I have noted down few pointers which I need to bring into my lifestyle.

1. Eat Healthy Food – Most of the diseases can be avoided if we eat the right food such as less oil, less spicy and fresh home made food. In our diet, we need to maximize intake of green vegetables and minimize intake of potato. Include curd and salad in your diet.

Note to myself – Need to watch out on the kind of food that I eat.

2. Virtues of Fruit – “Any fruit a day keeps doctor away”. Most of the fruits are rich in fibers and vitamins.
Rather than hogging a samosa chat in the evening, I need to start eating fruits.
Always prefer fruit over juice since juice has depleted content of vitamins as compare to that of fruit.

Note to myself – Need to buy apple and banana.

3. Breakfast – I always miss breakfast in the morning. Breakfast plays vital role in functioning of our body. In a survey conducted, people who regularly have breakfast were more active than people who skip breakfast.
Note to myself – Need to start eating oat meal or cereal meal in the morning.

4. Sedated Lifestyle – “Early to bed, Early to Rise”.
My own personal opinion says that when I follow this routine, I tend to perform better.
Effect of sleep on our body –
Too much of sleep = lazy and dull.
Less sleep = tired and grumbling.
Follow balance approach of 6-7hrs per day.
Note to myself – Need to sleep by 12.30 and wake up by 7am.

5. My precious water – 70% of our body weight comprises of water. We need to drink minimum 6L of water per day.

Note to myself – Need to drink plenty of water ! (bottoms up)

6. Exercise – Sadly, walking to the food court and typing on the keyboard are the only exercise that I perform in the entire day.
For those who think exercise can only be done in gym are wrong.
Do simple exercise such as – use staircase rather than lift, clean your house, do dish washing, clean your vehicle/car, walk in the lovely infosys campus and last but the most important exercise – help someone in any task.

Note to myself – Need to start stretching and exercising in the morning.

7. Reading – I started a habit of reading for at least half an hour before sleeping.
Due to this habit, my mind became active and fast.
It is very important to read interesting material since what you read, effects the way you think.

Note to myself – Need to upload new books in my kindle and start reading them. No more Excuse !

8. Day dreaming in the afternoon – During Post lunch, my mind start wandering through world where I’m filthy rich and all my aspirations are fulfilled. haha !

Note to myself – Need to wake up to the reality and stop been pensive.

9. Need to Quit drinking –
It has been more than a month since I quit drinking, although I was never a chronic alcoholic, only occasional drinker.

Note to myself – Anyways No more gulping down budweiser on friday night.

10. Positive attitude – Remember “Be positive” , Anil kapoor’s famous line from the movie No Entry. This line is simple and effective.

Note to myself – Need to be more optimistic.

P.S – I got one life, need to make it worth living (yeah, I’m going to hell in next one, Lol)


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Inflation of school fee !

My maid brought her son whose age would be around 8 years.

I started inquiring about her son.

She told me that she has kept her son with her in laws in their hometown which is a small village some where in Maharasthra.

My immediate question was “Does he goes to school?”

She replied “yes. I have enrolled him in english medium school”.

Then she started explaining me about his school.

School charges an annual fee of Rs25000, Rs1,100 per month for bus transportation, charge for school uniform, food and books are also separate.

If I do approx calculation, she spends Rs 50,000 annually for her school education.

Why I’m concerned.

I did an analogy.

Well we pay her Rs 3000 per month hence annually 36,000. She works in 4 more houses.

Approximately, her annual salary is approx 1.5Lakh.

Her husband works as a clerk in the near by bank. My guess, he took might be earning close to 1.5 lakh.

Hence their combine income is 3lakh.

In this income, they spend 50k on their son education.

Close to 1/4th of their income goes to their son’s education.

Indeed it is commendable effort.

P.S – when I was in school, my school fee was 8k annually and my school was considered as one of the most expensive school.
If a fee of school in village is 25k. As per my estimation, premium school must be charging a bomb?


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How a phone call can make a difference !!

In Indian society, the role of women is suppressed but there is one role where every women is recognized for her affection, love and kindness which is the role of a mother.

Whatever happens, how old I become, I will always remain kid to our mother.

She is the one who would give twenty times her life, if I had need.

She is the one whose love never dies, however wicked, however vile I am.

She is the one who always sacrifices her happiness in order to see me happy.

Yet many times I take my mother’s wisdom and advice for granted?

When was the last time when I appreciated my mother?

This question came to my mind and I called up my mom to tell her that “thank you for been an Awesome MOM”.

Moral :- Everyone needs appreciation in life specially our loved ones who never expect anything in return.


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chronology of my love life !

Why do girls say “I thought we were just friends” or “let us be just friends”

This Question has been in my mind ever since I have realized my attraction towards the opposite sex.

Let me write down my story in chronological order –

14y –  Well this was a funny age as far as I recall. Despite studying in a Co-ed school, I was always scared to talk to any girl. Ironically, I had spent my entire childhood with them yet I never spoke to anyone.

I was lost in my world of WWF (later they changed to WWE) and poor performance of the Indian Cricket Team.

15y – Due to a School project, we were bound to interact with the girls of our class. Needless to say, I interacted with them to the minimum level and I still recall How much I feared calling them on their land line phones (I wish Mobile would had been commercialized few years earlier).

16y – Every day I noticed her, Every day she didn’t noticed me 🙂 I spent my entire year, admiring her looks. Before you ask me , let me answer the question occurring in your mind – I never talked to her 😛

17y – This time I did fall in love (Sarcastically, we do FALL in love). Unlike my previous love, this time I did talked to her. (Credit to Cell phone and Free incoming calls). I would spent hours talking to her in the night. We became really good friends and finally one day I proposed her and she said “I always considered you as my VERY good friend”

What does VERY means?

*bang* First heartbreak, now I look back it was a funny moment of pain and agony.

We both laugh over it now (Yes I’m still in touch with her & years later, she did confessed to me that she had a crush on me until I blew my chances by proposing to her , i never understood this line) ROFL.

18y – I got into a premium engineering college in Bangalore but nobody told me about the scarcity of girls in the electrical engineering.

We used to feel happy when we used to compare our situation with mech guys but we used to feel  sad when we used to compare our situation with I.T guys.

I was settling into a metro culture and exploiting the new found freedom.

19y – My roommate’s girlfriend introduced me to her random friend, who recently had a break up and I offered her my shoulders to cry on. I was smitten by her cute looks and her blue eyes. We soon became 2 am friends and I would again spent hours talking to her.

Finally on valentine day, I proposed and history repeated itself when she said “We are just friends and let us keep the relationship like this”.

I never understood if we were just friends then why would she give a me love signals such as – a sms saying I miss you , holding hands, getting possessive when I did not pick up her call, she used to become jealous when she would see me talking to a another girl.

On that day, I realized that “No one can ever understand what’s going on in the girls mind?”

Years later, I realized that “I was ON THE HOOK”. (watch HIMYM to know about it)

Anyways we still remain friends for a while until she blew it up by hurting my feelings.

Lesson learned – You can’t be friends with someone whom you like without hurting your sentiments.

20y –  “Life Moves On”. I started spending my days watching movies, completing TV series and reading Sidney Sheldon’s Novel. Until one day one of my friend who is a dentist called me up to be a patient for his exam.

I volunteered, trust me never do that in you life as I spent next 3 hours sitting on a dentist chair and looking at the ceiling with my mouth wide open. I thought I will get my teeth cleaned instead I got my teeth experimented.

Anyways after his exam, he introduced me to his classmates.

When she removed her doctors mask, I knew my hatred for girls suddenly turned into love. We became friends and started hanging out, we would spent countless hours together, she nicknamed me “Tiku”. This nickname is still used by my Bangalore friends to tease me.

Whether I’m in the class or I’m walking, I would be found chatting with her through SMS. Finally, I mustered all courage and proposed to her. She looked at me and said ”Let us not complicate things, I want to keep it simple by been just friends”

*Hammer*  We remained friends till now. I’m in touch with her through occasional exchanges of messages.

21y – Got placed in Infosys and also got into a relationship which lasted for next 2 years. She was a doctor , I was a engineer. Perfect example of opposite attracts.

22y –  Learned a great deal about human psychology from the relationship such as Ego, Temper, Compromise, Temptation, Possessiveness, and Happiness etc

23y –  Had a break up and again leaned a great deal about human psychology from the relationship such as Boredom, Memories, and Moments etc

24y – I still haven’t lost the hope in Love. Someday I will find “THE ONE” !!

P.S – In the morning, my flat mate shared a story of his friend who is heartbroken when a girl broke his heart by saying “Let us be friends”. It invoked memories in my mind which I noted down above.


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DFT (Drink for Thought) !

Background – One of my really good friend,dhawal came from bangalore to pune and we were chilling at a near by pub and of course the topic of conservation was our happening sex life (sarcasm) and our happening love life (another sarcasm).

Anyways after couple of drinks, dhawal blunted out a line – “A person remembers only two type of people, one type comprises of people whom he really likes a lot and the other type comprises of people whom he really dislikes a lot”.

True, isn’t ?

All our lives, we tend to talk about people whom we like and people whom we dislike.

“Yaar woh ladka/ladki bahut achi hain”
“Yaar woh ladka/ladki bahut kharabh hain, bachke rahiyo usse”.

At the same time, when I think about the above statement , I think that there is a underlying message from the above line which is –

In this world, there is no religion and no caste only two type of people – Good & Bad.

It always important to surround yourself with good people and equally important to judge and stay away from bad people.

A wise person differentiate between good and bad.

Be Wise Always !

Moral – Choose your friends wisely, they define you and your future!

PrAts !

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