How I taught my Mom to use touch screen phone

Before I begin telling you the story of how I taught my Mom to use touch screen phone.

Let me share with you the story of the circumstances which lead to the purchase of the touch screen phone.

My dad is a nokia loyalist as the keypad phones provided by nokia are durable and easy to use.

One day, my dad’s phone stopped working. My dad went to the mobile store to buy another nokia phone where the shopkeeper convinced my dad to buy samsung touch screen phone.

My dad bought the phone and showed the phone to my mom.

On seeing the phone, my mom reaction was ‘Do you know how to use it?’ Dad quipped my mom’s question with his witty answer ‘It is very easy. I will learn it’.

My dad is very impatient man which was the biggest hurdle for him to learn how to use touch screen phone effectively. He would always press wrong button and random wrong calls started happening frequently. Finally after his brief tryst with touch screen, he switched back to keypad nokia phone.

From the beginning itself mom knew this would happen. She packed the phone in its box and carefully kept the phone in the wardrobe .

Two months passed away, suddenly my mom phone started showing signs of trouble and one day it stopped working.

So the packed samsung phone was taken out and sim was inserted into it.
Initially my mom only knew how to receive phone by pressing green button and decline a call by pressing red button.

When I came home for vacation, she told me to teach her how to use the phone.

Hence every evening, I would sit down with her and teach her to operate the phone.

Every time she use to do a mistake, she would drop the idea of learning to operate the phone but I continued persuading her to keep trying.

We started with simple activities such as searching a particular contact, how to save a number and how to send a SMS.

When she got comfortable with simple usage, we started learning other usage of the phone such camera and recording, alarm clock, calculator and reminder.

Soon she became champ at it.

Now a days she effectively uses the phone which is evident with large numbers of photographs taken by her.

Moral : To be a good teacher, patience is very important.


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Random Thought Season 5 !

The ever increasing season of ‘Random Thought series’ is a explicit example of failure of my ability to follow the rules written in the previous seasons.

Anyways, I am just gonna scribbled something to clear my thoughts.

RT 1 : My top priority is to increase my concentration. I am not able to study for more than 1 hour. I need to increase my sitting capacity to long hours.

RT 2 : I need to stop paying attention to gibberish/ random thoughts. In fact, I need to stop day dreaming.
No one has ever become rich by day dreaming. So stop it now.

RT 3 : My project load is less these days. I must take advantage of this situation and start studying in the office.

RT 4 : Need to in cultivate the habit of doing ‘concentration yoga’ before studying.

RT 5 : Need to stop procrastination and need to build the habit of finishing the work during that particular day itself.
‘ Joh bhi target set karo, usse ussi Din khatam karo’.

RT 6 : Think before you speak.

P.S – In the morning, I got a brilliant story base ‘How I taught my mom to use smart phone’. I will write the story soon.

P.S.S – ‘Confidence is just a mind game.’
Be confident and conquer the world’ – C .L. Lewis


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A walk to Remember.

I spend my weekday in front of the desktop screen and weekend in front of the laptop screen.

In every person’s life, there is always a day when he/she just want to spend the entire day either sleeping or relaxing in the house.

In my life, it is the usual routine, I don’t step out of the house on weekend. Even I don’t know why, may be I am lazy, may be I am not.

Anyways, I finally step outside for a leisurely evening walk in the vicinity of my society.

I am sitting on the bench and enjoying the breeze and writing the blog.

Nature has so much to give us and we tend to take the blessing of the nature for granted.

These winds, these flowers, these trees and these stars.

This moment reminds me of a quote which I read long time ago.

“Happiness is right here, right now. You just need to open your eyes to see it” – Anonymous

I’m glad, I finally opened my eyes to enjoy the moment.

P.S – I have so many things to do, In so less time. Let me start by finishing one thing at a time.
P.S.S – I miss my roommate, Rohan. Pune will never be same without you. Don’t worry dude, we will enjoy a cold beer in a pub of Pittsburgh next year. Promise ūüôā
P.S.S.S – Need to start blogging frequently.


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what is GIGO?

I came across an interesting management principle¬†known as “GIGO”.

According to the theory, garbage in = garbage out i.e. Poor planning or strategy results into unstructured garbage out.

Doesn’t it correlates to the challenges faced by our (Infosys) company.
Think about it.

Anyways, GIGO stands for Garbage in Garbage Out. 

GIGO can be used in our personal life too.

For example, if we tend to think or breed negative thoughts/ vengeance, we are bound to fail in our life.

In Hindi, there is a saying “Bura socho ge toh, bura hi hoga”.

Even in the times of failure, this principle holds true i.e if our inputs are unorganized efforts (garbage), our output would be failure (garbage).

So don’t blame anyone else for your failure rather introspect yourself and find out what went wrong (input garbage).


prAts !

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Theory of Radical Truth

I came across a theory known as “Theory of Radical Truth”.

According to this theory, when a person informs the receiver that he is about to speak truth, the chances of other person getting offended by the truth diminishes radically.

This theory is proven after numerous case studies.

(Although the conclusion is an obvious common sense but hey, who I’m to judge science since science believes only on proven facts and results).

Where this theory stands in my life?

Well I’m going to in cultivate this theory in my life.

You got it right,

I am going to speak RADICAL truth.

You might be wondering “Bhai prateek, truth suna hain yeh radical truth kya hain”

Radical truth is a form of truth when you respond to a person after taking a deep breath or a pause.

Here you Think for a minute about your response and then say the truth/answer.

If truth has bad repercussion, you can take a stand not to answer to the question.

Implementation would be difficult task but Tabhi toh maaza aayega ūüôā

(Remember fun lies in facing and completing challenges )

P.S – Need to set priorities in my life.
P.S.S – Need to bring back discipline in my life.

Cheers !


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More You Give, More You Get !

Message “Hot Payment Successful” is displayed on my computer screen.

I just transferred Rs5000 to Mr. XYZ‚Äč whose father is in comma due to a car accident. Do I know Mr. XYZ?

No but he is a part of the Infosys as well as my project (Barclays).

I remember an old adage which my grandmother used to say

“Insaaniyat hi sabse badha dharma hain”
(Being a good Human being is the biggest religion).

A part of my body (specifically my brain) was projecting a different story in front of me. My brain never said No to the charity but it was giving me very attractive options to utilize Rs5000.

Myriads of thoughts started entering my mind such as –

I can buy a new tommy Hilfiger watch which I had been longing for past few months.

I can buy those Puma Converse shoes which I saw in the store the other day.

I can buy those polaroid Shades which I saw in the Shoppers Stop.

Our mind always play tricks with us !

I took a deep breath and thought for one minute.

I realized in the race to accumulate huge pile of wealth, we forget simple lesson which we learnt as a kid –

“The more you Give, The more you Get”.

My new watch can wait,
My new pair of converse show can wait,
& My new shades can wait
But the¬†money¬†required for the treatment of man’s life can’t wait.
Be good, Do good !  

P.S – If anyone wants to contribute, Please drop a mail. I will provide you the details.



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An interview with a Rapist

Hi , i’m Leena Kapoor from NDTV and we are at Tihar jail to interview Randhir Singh who was convicted for raping a 20 year female BPO employee in Bangalore two years back.

Q1- Would you like to tell our viewer about yourself ?

A-¬†I was born in a village¬†30 km away¬†from Banaras¬†in a¬†poor family .¬†Everyday¬†my father would come home drunk and¬†beat me till¬†I don’t bleed¬†. Now I look back to¬†those days, I have¬†realized that¬†those beating made me¬†a strong¬†person physically as well as mentally. I spent¬†yearly years of my life¬†working as a labor¬†where I would¬†plough the fields¬†for the zamindar. After saving money, I left my village¬†to find better employment in Bangalore. Initially I worked as a worker in construction site. After couple of years, I learnt driving a car and spent next few year working as a chauffeur for a businessman. Finally i found a job as a cab driver for a¬†travel agency which provided services to a¬†BPO company.

Q2- How could you rape an innocent young employee who trusted you to drop her home safely instead you took advantage of her and raped her to satisfy your sexual needs?

A- (With a serious look on his face) It is very easy for you to describe me as a monster since you do not know my side of story. I do not have any regret for my action. You can never understand the rage which drove me to take action against her.


Q3- You talk about rage. Was it your sexual urge or a personal vendetta ?

A- You reporters have a nasty habit of catching every word. The rage was both. I wanted that snob bitch to feel what it feels like to live life inn humiliation. She always treated me like a dirt bag by constantly abusing me.

Female¬†will always remain¬†inferior¬†to men and¬†their¬†place¬†should be¬†in home making¬†food for us.¬†They should¬†NEVER¬†work. It is a men’s job to earn¬†not a women’s job.¬†

Q4- A women should not work. Why ?

A- This globalization and western culture has corrupted our Indian values. It has given too much freedom to women which they are exploiting. Look at the current generation women, look at the way they dress up, they wear tiny clothes  and reveal various parts of the body. When a guy ogle and pass sleazy remark they complain about our lack of moral values. We are the victim when they walk wearing those small skirts and revealing their legs. 

A men never teased a women who is wearing a saree or a salwar kameez . It is the western culture which is corrupting our new generation.

Q5- You have drifted away from the original question. Would it be wrong if your wife is working since you are serving time in the jail .

A-(pin drop silence) He doesn’t¬†reply. Just stood there like a statue and staring towards the camera.


Q6-¬†(On realizing he won’t answer , she asked him another question)¬†Our¬†constitution¬†provides women¬†freedom and equality.¬†In today’s world,¬†man and women¬†are¬†treated equally. Doesn’t¬†women have the right to¬†wear whatever they want to wear?

A- Women are born to give birth and raise men . They will never be equal to us, we are superior and will always remain superior.

Q7- You are born¬†out of¬†a Women’s Womb. Don’t you¬†respect your mother. What would¬†be your¬†reaction if somebody rapes your mother¬†or your sister. Would you¬†be contempt¬†be happy and satisfied by the act ?

A- Again a pin drop silence but this time he looks down with shame.


Q8- When I talked about your mother and your sister you look down with a disappointment.

The innocent girl whom you raped was somebody’s daughter, she could have been somebody’s wife and she could have been somebody’s mother. You destroyed her . How are you living with this guilt?

A- I don’t have any guilt that women deserved what i did to her.


Q9- Who are you to decide whether she deserved it or not ?

A- I wanted to get even and wanted to teach her a lesson.


Q10- Your lesson ruined her life – Are you happy Mr randhir. You destroyed an innocent girl’s life yet you show no sign of remorse .

A- She deserved it and she was not at all innocent. She would always disrespected and humiliated me.


Q11- You are continuously repeating the word she deserved it . Are you the court to decide who deserve punishment. Who are you ?

A- I’m no one , I‚Äôm just¬†a common man who took his¬†revenge.


— We will be back right after a short break.


P. S- I’m a biggest feminist born. I strongly believe a strong message should be sent out to the society so that future generation will remember it and fear to commit such a hideous crime.
P.S – based on Bangalore rape case which happened few years back. No reform can ever happen unless the ideology of a conservative indian men changes.
P.S – I wrote the story in protest for Delhi Rape Case. Ironically, these days no one is talking about the incident.
A politician rightly said “Public memory has a short life”.



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