*Tuck* *Tuck* *Tuck*

I just couldn’t believe my ears; I have heard this sound several times.

Did my dream come true?

I pinched myself to check whether I’m not hallucinating or not.


I’m neither hallucinating nor dreaming.

I got up from my cubicle to look around.

And there she was passing by my cubicle wearing those High heels, & making that beautiful sound of *Tuck * *Tuck*.

My eyes curiously followed her path to know where she was heading.

This time I couldn’t believe my eyes.

She was walking towards my GPM (General Project Manager) cabin.

Did Lord Ganesha finally heard my prayers?

Will she be joining my team?

You must be wondering why I’m so much excited about a girl walking across in a high heel.

Isn’t it very usual?

May be for you but not for a guy who is working in all guy’s team.

Think & try to understand my desperate situation.

I wanted to scream out loud “Finally a girl in my team”

& not just any girl – a beautiful, unmarried and may be a single girl.

For an I.T male employee, a ‘Single’ & a ‘beautiful’ girl in a team is better than a yearly hike.

Even before she joined our team officially, she became our prized possession and the news of her joining our team traveled faster than the speed of the light. She became the Topic of discussion during our water cooler/ tea break.

Everyone was talking about her. Few even checked her Facebook profile & gathered all the basic details.

Thank you Zukerberg for inventing Facebook. #sarcasm


Finally, she arrived in our cubicle along with my manager.

Closer she came, More deeper I was falling in love with her.

Everything about her was perfect- her hair, her black eyes, her glowing face& her vivid smile.  

In my mind, I had already planned the names of our future kids.

If a boy then we will name him, Karan and if a girl then we will name her, Kiran.

Now the introduction part came, I was introduced the last due to hierarchy.

The battle to win her heart began. Everyone was lurking around her cubicle to create a chance to talk to her.

Soon my colleagues who were my companion turned into my foe.

I wanted to talk to her but restrained myself doing so to avoid being labeled as desperado.

Like a seasoned general, I devise a strategy to win her heart.

It was a full proof plan which included 3 T’s

Talk to her,

Take her Number,

Take her out for a dinner.

Like a true I.T professional, I executed and Tested my plan several times (in MY MIND)  .

Time to execute my plan –

I went towards her desk with an excuse of asking about a defect.

Suddenly I remembered a line from the Amul Ad

*Defect toh bahana hain, Number joh paana hain*

I tried to continue the conversation by asking her idhar udhar ki batein such as native place, her likes & her dislikes.

Talking to a girl is never difficult but to continue talking to her is indeed difficult.

Also The level of difficulty depends upon the level of beauty.


A Men’s mind is designed to do a single task at a time.

I had to make a tough choice, either to look at her or to pay attention to the conversation.

I choose the later one.

We talked.

I attempted to crack Jokes.

She laughed (attempt successful).

Then I made my Move.

“Can I have your Number?”

She smiled with a wink & a sparkle in her eyes and said “Prateek, wake up now and complete the defect. We have a defect call in an hour”.

I woke up from my post lunch sleep and started working.

Well regarding that beautiful girl in my team.

Well sometime I do wish that my dreams come true.




Another Shot Please !

Below is my Project 3 speech for Toastmasters CC manual.

Objective :- Get To the Point


After Long tiring day, I entered my home and sat on the dinner table to begin my dinner and suddenly my phone rang. I picked up the phone.


“Dr. Khamesra, this is Raju from the hospital. There has been an accident and it is an emergency. Please come to the hospital now.”

I left my dinner, grabbed the keys to my car and drove towards the hospital. On reaching the hospital, I rushed towards the Emergency Room where I saw two people who were of my age lying on the bed.

The first person had No major signs of injuries on his body. I checked his pulse and realized he was already dead.

The second person had a brain injury. Blood was pouring out of his body. I tried to stop the bleeding.

I tried, I tried, but failed. (Voice Modulation)

He too lost his life.

Two deaths (Hand Gesture)

I was devastated. I stepped outside the emergency room and looked at the faces of their parents.

Breaking the bad news is the toughest job in my profession.

When I told her “I AM SORRY, I COULDN’T SAVE THE LIFE OF YOUR HUSBAND . She broke down and started weeping.

When I told them “I AM SORRY, I COULDN’T SAVE THE LIFE OF YOUR CHILD.” They broke down and started weeping.

One lost his sole bread earner of the family,

Other lost their only child.

They lost their everything.

I went inside my room and read the Autopsy report.

The report said the alcohol content in their body was 1500 mg of alcohol per 100 ml which is 50 times the prescribed limit.

If the alcohol content was 30 mg, they would have got minor bruises.

If the alcohol content was 0 mg, they would have been alive today.

Sad part is that this is not the only incident happening in the country. According to the Indian Department of Transportation, alcohol is a factor in approximately 60% of all deaths from motor vehicle crashes.

Statistics says “Due to drunken driving, 1 person is killed in every 10 minutes & that 1 person can be either a victim or a culprit.”

While I finish my speech, somewhere in India one person is already dead due to Drink & Drive.

What could have happened?

After the reading the Autopsy report, his first mistake was having alcohol on an empty stomach.

When you drink alcohol on an empty stomach, it is quickly absorbed by the empty stomach hence reaching the brain within one minute where it inhibits the Neurotransmitter.
Neurotransmitter affects the Central Nervous System which is responsible for receiving information from sensory organs and analyzing the information and giving the appropriate response.

When sufficient quantity of alcohol is consumed, there is complete breakdown of communication between brain and sensory organs leading to incapability of controlling the vehicle.

His second mistake was Ignorance or lack of awareness about the impact of alcohol on the body during driving.

When someone is heavily intoxicated, our brain cannot analyze the information such as perception of the distance, awareness about the surrounding environment due to which we have blurred vision and loss of balance. Thus making us incapable to control the wheels

Studies have proven that the impact of alcohol is more on women than on men.

His third mistake was false assumption that since he consumed alcohol couple of hours ago, he would have No effect now and he can drive. He was wrong since alcohol is broken by down by liver and liver can break down only small amount of alcohol at a time. For example, To break 1 Shot Of Rum alcohol take 1 hour  So if you’ve got more than this in your body the excess will circulate in the blood until the liver can process it thus leaving you inebriated for long duration.

Therefore don’t jeopardize the safety of people on the road.

You should NEVER EVER drive a car after you have been drinking

you should NEVER EVER get in a car with someone who has been drinking

you should NEVER EVER let someone drive a car after drinking.

Before I conclude, let me ask you a question –

Would you want your mom to cross a road when you know there is a drunk driver driving on the other side?

No right?

Or would you want to be that drunk driver driving a car when someone’s mom is crossing the road.

No right?

So the next time you think of driving even if you’ve had a little drink,

 Stop and think of the consequences.

Think about your precious life;

Think about your parents, your wife, your kids & your loved ones.

You don’t want this to happen to you. (Pointing to the Picture in PPT)

Today I take a pledge that I will NEVER DRINK & DRIVE. Wouldn’t you?