Random Thoughts season4

It is said “After 1pm, the frequency of random thoughts increases.” Needless to say, It is 2.40 am.

RT 1 : I need to set my priority in Life. I’m aware about the priority and I need to make sure that it remains my top priority and concern.

RT 2 : I need to improve my ability to analyzed. I have realized that most of the things that I do in life are partial. I never focus on the crux or on the basic idea. Need to start understanding the basics by asking more question and more participation.

RT 3 : Need to indulge few habit such as washing hands before eating meal, flossing teeth regularly and cleaning room.

RT 4 : Need to develop patience while working. Also need to stop rambling in the office. Think Before You Speak.



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Our soul has immense power. Remember –

“Sache Dil aur sachi mehnat se agar kuch chahooge toh zaroor milenga” !


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purpose of life

What is the purpose of our life?

Is to live a mortal existing life or become immortal in the chapters of the history.

I’m yet to figure out my purpose and the quest seems more interesting than the destination.

I don’t the answer to the question but I will soon figure it out.

I want to start a journey by quoting steve jobs “We are here to make a dent in the universe”

(Born To Be G8)

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STORY of Four Red Roses

It was a cold Sunday evening, I nervously pushed the door and enter the Archie’s shop.

With hesitation and flutter I asked him about the greeting cards section.

He pointed towards his right.

Avoiding all the gazes, I walked towards the greeting section and scanned the cards. I selected two distinct greeting cards which said ‘I LOVE YOU’ in different style, color and pattern. I purchased those cards from my six months savings, . After putting those cards in my two wheeler and ensuring that no one saw me buying the cards, I took a sign of relief.

Now I cross checked my list – cards, chocolates and ROSES.

I went to the nearby grocery store and inquired about chocolate. He pointed out towards a dedicated section of chocolates. On looking at the huge pile of chocolates, I was confused. I never thought there could be so many varieties of chocolates – few had nuts, few had better cover, few had better taste, few had different shapes. After deliberately inspecting each variety, I picked up the ferror roscher’s chocolate box. Reputation of a brand always persist.

Now the only item remaining in the list was Rose.  It was very important as it was going to play a pivotal role in the upcoming event. All my bets dependent on it. I went to the renowned flower dealer in the town and bought four fresh red roses. I was happy because i can imagine the smell of roses as the smell of victory.

In a battle, a good preparation means half the battles won.

The clock stuck 12 and the battle day arrived. This war was fought between all the boys of the school and wining the competition itself was the prize. the battle looked simple yet difficult to accomplish.

The task was to win the heart of the prettiest girl in the school and the battle was called “valentine’s day“.

I woke up early and spend half an hour in the shower unlike my usual 15 minutes shower. I spend another half an hour in styling my hair and wearing wrinkle free school uniform. Thank god, school has uniform else on that day, I would have spent another hour deciding what to wear.

When it comes to battle, you shouldn’t miss any opportunity.

During the recess, I mustered all the courage and walked towards her. I checked my hair and my items. I tapped her on the shoulder and wished her “happy valentine’s day” and gave her the box of chocolate, card and the rose and said “I LOVE YOU”.

She giggled, blushed and smiled.

To avoid the embarrassment, I started pretending to look elsewhere & then she uttered those 3 magical words-


(XYZ had won the battle in the morning).

Like an injured soldier, I went back to my desk and silently sat in the classroom.

For the first time, I realized the true meaning of the battle. I was wrong – it wasn’t about winning the heart of the prettiest girl but It was about finding the prettiest heart who loves you.

I still had time to win the battle.

Like a soldier at the war front. I checked and weighed a suitable option.

In the next break, I went to the cutest girl in the school and uttered the 3 magical words –

“I Like You”

(I learned from my previous mistake)

She giggled, blushed and smiled.

& uttered those 3 magical words –


Not again, like a defeated soldier I went back to my desk.

I told myself – I am not a quit until I win. I still had evening left.

Again, I weighted and analyzed my options. I had to win the war as my pride and prestige was at stake.

After the school got over, I walked towards the hottest girl of the school and told her the 3 magical words –

“Be My valentine”

(I learned  from my previous mistake)

She smiled, giggled and blushed.

& uttered those 3 magical words –


I had lost the battle. I was devastated and shattered.

I returned home and sat in my room brooding and analyzing the event occurred in the day.

Alas, I figured out how to win the battle.

I took the rose from my bag and looking myself in the mirror gave the rose to myself.

At that moment I realized that in race to find a heart who loves you find, we forgot to love our self.

Moral: If you love yourself, the world around you loves you.

P.S 1 : I was in 8th standard.

P.S 2 : Every year I celebrate valentine’s day by pampering and treating MYSELF. After all, “I AM” my first crush.



what if your nightmare comes true

On 1st February 2011, I received an email “CONGRATULATION you have being posted to Chennai DC.”
I read the mail again to confirm whether I was the right recipient of the email. To my utter disappointment, my nightmare came alive – I was posted to Chennai. I was numbed for a while and couldn’t breathe.
Thousands of thoughts popped up into my mind. Why

ME, Why not him? O god why this happened to me. Of all the other places, why Chennai? How could they do this to me?

To find answer to my thoughts, I walked straight up to the HR and said “Madam there is a clear misunderstanding, I’m a North Indian; I was supposed to be posted to Chandigarh. How can I be posted to Chennai DC? My hometown is Rajasthan shouldn’t I be posted nearby. ” She patiently listened to my complaint and replied “Sorry, This company works on requirement basis. We never mentioned that we will be give you posting as per your convenience”. 


All my hopes were shattered.

I didn’t wanted to go there so I planned to quit the company but one of my friend suggested that “You can easily get transferred from Chennai”.

I thought “He has a point, let me go there. Chennai won’t be that bad. It wasn’t bad but was worst. Humidity and language problem added salts to my wounds”.

The moment I step down at Chennai station, I started sweating.

On further inquiry, I got to know that February is considered as the most pleasant month in chennai. I was perplexed.

How could this be possible? Look at the shining sun outside? Look at the sweat pouring down from my body?  

After spending several months, I realized February was the most pleasant month. 

On my first day to office in Chennai DC, I went to meet my reporting HR and inquired about transfer policy. He eloquently started explaining the procedure and the complex SEZ policy & said to me “Transfer won’t possible until 2 years”.

I was disheartened but I didn’t lose the hope. 

Friends, Let me tell you I spent 370 days in Chennai & these 370 days were the lowest period of my life. I was frustrated, two shades darker and stressed to the core.

Now I look back to that time. I have realized that I have learn few amazing things during my stay such as :-

Necessity is the mother of all invention & out of necessity, I learn to cook. From Italian pasta to Chinese noodles to Indian Daal. I learn to cook everything. During my engineering days, I hated cooking but during my Chennai days, I loved cooking. I found a hidden talent in form of cooking.

I always wanted to learn SALSA & thanks to Infosys Chennai Salsa Club. I not only learn Salsa but also learn Jive, Bachata, and Cuban. Believe it or not, I learn all these dance form for free of cost. I even got to perform in chennai salsa festival’11.
The humidity, the heat and the extreme inhabitable condition made me much stronger person. Now I can say that I’m certified to live and adjust in any part of the world.

Confidence means being comfortable in uncomfortable situation. I was surviving in a place where I had to fight with auto Walla’s who wouldn’t leave any single opportunity to exploit my inability to converse in Tamil. 

With each experience, I became wiser and smarter in ways to deal with them. If they think they were smart, I gradually learn to become smarter. I reached the epitome of my success when I was able to negotiate with auto walla to drop me to my house for Rs50 while the usual night rate was Rs100. It might look very menial to you but I felt like I have won the world cup.

The reason why I’m writing these stories from my personal life is that –

“In life, we don’t appreciate the best until we face the worst.” 

Remember “Everything happens for a cause”.

May there is reason why you didn’t get what you desired. May be God have different plans for you. May be something better is waiting to

Just have faith in your abilities.

I want to end this blog by asking you a question :-

What is the lesson that you learn from your failure or from the most difficult time of your life.

Do remember this answer . It is the key to success.




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