Random Thought Season3

Few are going for an on site assignment.
Few are going for higher studies.
Few are going for switch.

Everyone that I know has a Goal in his life.

The goal is something that doesn’t let you sleep.

I know the importance of goal and I keep reminding myself about my goals in life.

Everything is clear but then why so much confusion.

Firstly, What I lack in myself is self confidence.
My mom keeps saying “confidence only comes by doing”. I think she is right. I need to start following the philosophy of “Less talk More action”.
I need to let my actions speak for themselves.

Secondly , I need to implement “Think before you speak” habit in my routine. I’m planning to implement this by a simple action : Before any reply , I will take a deep breath and then reply. This has three advantage – 1 it gives me time to think for a smart reply.
2 it removes the unwanted rambling and stupid remarks.
3 it gives me power to control the conversation.

Thirdly, I need to stop wasting my time on daydreaming. Your dreams won’t come true unless you wake up and work.

Fourth , I need to in cultivate one more habit of distributing each task into important or urgent category. This will help me in better time management.

I need to implement on the above pointers.

Time is very essential commodity.

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YES or NO !

“Happy 25th Birthday sweetheart‚ÄĚ, he¬†gave her warm hug and kissed¬†her.

He gave her a Tommy Hilfiger watch and said “We are going out for a dinner¬†in the¬†evening to celebrate.”

She was very happy and excited. They knew each other from 2 years & with every passing year, their relationship grew stronger.

She reached home, sat down in the dining room and started replying to whoever wished her on Facebook.

Her father walked towards her and sat down near her. He asked her “How was your b’day and where are you giving the b‚Äôdaytreat “.

She replied “I am giving my b’day treat in pizza hut”.

After few formal questions related with her work, his father said “Now you‚Äôre a grown up girl, it’s time for you to get¬†married”.

She was shocked, she never anticipated a marriage, she replied ‚ÄúI am not ready; I am too young for marriage. I‚Äôm just turned 24″.

Her father tried to persuade her “You know your mother doesn’t keep well these days &I am also getting old. Above all if we start looking now, we will find a good guy for you by next year. If you wait for few more years, all the good guys will be taken. 24 is the right age for a girl to get married”

After a brief pause¬†& with a hesitation, he asked ‚ÄúIf you have found someone, you can let me know about him”.

She was quite as she didn‚Äôt know what to reply as¬†she hadn’t thought about this¬†situation. She dodged the conversation by saying I need some time to think about it.

In the evening, she met him and narrated the entire conversation to him.

After the narration ended, she said to him “It is high time. You need to talk to my father”.

He was confused; he didn‚Äôt knew what to say. He said “It‚Äôs a very big decision of life, I need some time to think about it”.

Later in the night, he sat down and started thinking about marriage.

Numerous questions started popping into his mind.

“Am I ready”

“Am I financially stable to support both of us”.

The more he thought, the more he got confused. He didn’t know what to do. He felt trapped.

The thought ofMarriage was freaking him out.

Only clarity at that moment was that He loved her a lot and wanted to spend rest of his life with her. He knew she was the one. He imagined marrying her but according to his plan he was going to marryher after 2 years. Not now.

He cursed Indian culture of getting married early.

He walked into his roommate room and narrated the dilemma to him.

His roommate asked him “Are you ready?¬†he replied “I don’t know”.

His roommate said ‚Äď ‚ÄúRemember marriage requires two things ‚Äď

  1. 1.    You need to be mentally ready for the marriage.
  2. ¬†2. You need to financially stable to support living.‚ÄĚ

His roommate was right.

He could barely meet out his expenses, How could he supports a living of both of them. He also had a dream to pursue higher education and he wanted to achieve that dream.

On one side there was LOVE.

&On the other side there was DREAM.

He was devastated. He wanted both but he knew he can’t have both of them right now so he had to make a tough choice.

He couldn’t choose.

His heart wanted to choose her while his mind wanted to achieve his dream.

He wasn’t¬†sure whom to choose.

The pain of compromising on one choice and the difficulty to choose was killing him.

His heart was aching.

He knew he had to face the situation. He cannot leave her hanging in the middle. He needs to be transparent with her on the decision.

Next day,¬†they decided to meet. Still he¬†wasn’t sure what he¬†wanted.

He was divided into two parts. His mind was fluctuating between the options.

Finally, He said to her “I am 24;it‚Äôs too early for me to marry.I love you but………¬†”

Before he could complete the sentence, tears¬†rolled out of her eyes. He couldn’t see her¬†crying. His heart started melting.

“Please don’t cry. I love you. Please try to understand my situation & please ask your father that you need 2 years”.

Before he could say anything more, she walked away from the situation without uttering a single word.

P.SSometimes we have to make tough decisions in life which we don’t know whether they are right or wrong.


prAts !

The party !

[1 new message] –

Hey Raj ,

Your invited to Rahul’s party in the evening.

Venue : rahul’s lonavala Farm House

Theme : pajama party

Cheers !

¬†He couldn’t believe it . On reading the message , Raj smiled . He read the message again .

He was finally invited to rahul’s party , ¬†the coolest party¬†of the college . He always wanted to attend the party , he had heard various stories about the party .

Only limited people or to be specific only famous people in the college were invited .

He started wondering why he was invited . He wasn’t¬† famous nor¬†rich¬†. he was labeled as Einstein of the college because of his look & his intelligence.

To check if it’s not a dream , he read the message again¬†. He told to himself “I helped rahul in the assignments , maybe he invited me out of courtesy”. whatever it was¬†he was¬†invited to the party¬†. this was a big achievement for him . he went to his room & checked his wardrobe , he didn‚Äôt have any¬†good clothes nor a good pajama. He checked his wallet he didn’t have sufficient money¬†since he belonged to a poor family & was studying in this prestigious college on scholarship.

But he wanted to make a good impression in the party¬†so that¬†he¬†could remove his stigma of¬†a nerd. he hated it when people used to tease him and called him “chaskmish or padhaku” .

finally today¬†he had¬†the chance to make a new beginning and to become popular like rahul. he¬†envied rahul’s¬†¬†wealth and fame . he wanted to impress everyone .

he took out his rainy day cash and went to the shop to buy a new t shirt and a pajama .

In his excitement , he took bath twice and got ready 1 hour before. To kill time , he started flipping pages of the magazine .

after¬†some time¬†,¬†he reached bus station , he took 7 o clock bus from swargate and reached lonavala by 8.30. He took an auto and reached rahul’s farmhouse.

He saw the huge black gate , he open the gate and went inside.

he was greeted by aditya .¬†Raj always hated aditya because of his arrogant & bullying nature.¬†Aditya always use to dominate people by using his power . After all he was a Minister’s son.

He went inside , the bungalow was huge with a beautiful swimming pool . Dj was playing all the new track and everyone was grooving to the music.

Rahul greeted him and told him to grab a drink . Although raj never drank alcohol but To please rahul , he grabbed a drink.

After the 1 round got over, aditya forced him for another drink .

After 2nd drink got over , aditya forced him for 3rd drink.

After 3nd drink got over , aditya forced him for 4th drink.

After 4th drink got over , aditya forced him for 5th drink.

after the 5th drink , Raj lost control of himself & started rambling.

Aditya told Raj “He is now drunk , it’s time for some fun”.

He signaled DJ to stop the music & grabbed the mike.

He told everyone that It’s time for main attraction‚Ä謆of the evening.

He went to Raj who couldn’t stand properly & looked at him & asked –

“You don’t belong here but you can be here if you pass OUR test”.

Raj with his drunk face said¬†“i can do anything & pass every test”.

Aditya said “Ok everyone let the test begin , first you have to answer to questions of each person”

People started asking him personal questions & made fun of his poor background , virginity , dressing style & appearance.

he was continuously insulted by each member present there. After each reply , they laugh over him & said “You’r a¬†Loser”.

After the questions ended . Aditya asked to prove his dedication towards them . He asked him “What can do for us”

Raj replied “Anyyyyyything”.

Aditya “Ok , jump from the terrace into the swimming pool”.

To prove them , he went to the terrace & stood at the edge of the terrace.

Everyone started¬†shouting “Raj you’r a loser &¬† you won’t be able to jump”.

Raj¬†yelled “I’m not a loser” &¬†he took a step¬†back in order to¬†jump but he¬†lost his balance & fall down on the floor¬†leading to his death.¬†

M.O.T.S – Be yourself ūüôā



Lesson’s from My Icebreaker

I’m pondering over a thought “What have I learned from my first speech in IPTMC”.

The moment i start thinking about it , ¬†another thought pops up into my mind , “what have I leaned from toastmasters”.

It’s almost a month since I gave my icebreaker speech and it’s almost six months since I joined toastmasters club.

Before I begin writing , let me assure you this blog is gonna be unstructured and unorganized because it’s gonna be compilation of my random thought at this moment.

Unstructured speech is against my P2 objective but what the hell. This is my blog , not a speech. ūüôā

My thoughts are Back to the Lessons that I have learned till now through toastmasters journey.

Firstly , my confidence level as a speaker has improved drastically. I know I’m not the best speaker in the club yet IPTMC has given me a platform to become one of the best & I can see my dream turning into reality soon ūüôā

This improvement is a big achievement for me.

Why ?

Let me share you a story of a boy named Prateek .

In school , he was shy , introvert and lost in his own world. He used to talk politely to everyone and always greet them with a big smile. He didn’t care much about other people and still he doesn’t care much. He was happy in his own world.

But His happiness had a enemy – his english class period . He dreaded with the thought of reciting paragraph in english. He always made sure he avoided the glance of the teacher by seating in the corner seat.

Slowly and gradually his fear became strong. His stammering  & wrong pronunciation added more fuel to his fear.
The fear started feeding on his confidence and the level of confidence hit his bottom.

He never volunteered for any public speaking competition such as debate or any public competition.

Why ?

He always ¬†used to self doubt himself by saying – ‘I won’t be able to speak in the public’ , ‘what if I forget and freeze on the stage’ , ‘I might stammer and do wrong pronunciation of the words” Hence he was afraid of being the laughing stock of others.

During his school , students use to bully whoever use to speak or try to speak in English.

This fear dominated his mind. It still do but now he had found a weapon to conquer his fear (toastmasters).

Secondly , I learnt the importance of dry run and practice.

How ?

I gave 25 dry runs and numerous self dry runs . With every single dry run , I learnt to improve myself.
After every dry run , I would say to myself – ‘you can do better’ and ‘you can always improve here and there’ .

Thirdly , I overcame my another fear of procrastination & quitting in the end.

How ?

Prior to writing my icebreaker , I used to make numerous excuses for not¬†completing¬†my speech. i used to say to myself – “yeh ho jaye phir karuga” . After a while again i used to say it to myself – “Arey woh ho jaye phir karuga” ¬†. Finally one day i sat down and wrote my icebreaker.

That day i learnt the importance of ACTION. the feeling of completing the icebreaker was great and i still couldn’t believe how could i be such a big fool by¬†procrastinating¬†it for such a long time.

While writing my speech , I thrived for perfection . I wanted it to be perfect .

I wrote 4 different of icebreaker. For six months , I kept on asking myself – how should I describe myself .

Whenever a thought came into my mind , i used to save into NOTEPAD in my mobile phone . The thought of how to improvise my speech haunted me for months .

Now i think about it , i laugh about it because in the beginning , the idea about writing about myself seem to be a mundane task .

I told to myself , huh since your a blogger , it will be a cake walk. But Believe or not ,  the more I wrote down, the more I realized that knowing about yourself is not that easy .

Duiring the process of icebreaker , I got to know new things about myself which I couldn’t have discovered otherwise.

Thirdly , I discovered importance of mentor in once’s life.

My speech was rejected four times.

Now I know why ?

because all the previous draft suck .

I got to learn so many things from my mentor that I can’t put into words. May be a different kind of bond like those of Guru-sheeshya of ancient time.

May be some experiences are worth cherishing.

I repeat above all my mentor had utter faith in my capability in writing and delivering a good which I had completely lost.

Thank you Anshul for it as well as for everything ( specially the pain of reviewing my speech countless times).

Above all thanks IPTMC .

P.S – I had been struggling from past one week to write & suddenly i wrote 800 words in a single stretch while commuting in bus. #Miracle


prAts !

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