The Mysterious Blogger !!

Her phone blinked , she took out her phone to read the new message on whatsapp.

It was unknown number which wrote , open this blog link –

On seeing her name , she quickly clicked on the tab – It was a very romantic poem dedicated to her.

She​ was touched by those romantic words praising her . She couldn’t believe someone could write so beautifully about her.

Instantly she replied “Thank You for this wonderful poem , may I know who’s this?”

She received a reply “Let the anonymous be an anonymous only, I know you won’t talk to complete stranger but let me be an exception 🙂 “

she thought it must be one of his crazy friends playing prank on her .

She tried calling the number but no one picked the call.

She got a reply – “I will talk to you but let us start the conversation in classic old way with a slight modification such as whatsapp instead of letters :)”

She smiled , she thought what the heck – she knew it must be someone known , a part of her was longing for someone for a quite long time .

It had been 8 months since her break up with aditya .

She replied “OK”.

They started exchanging messages throughout the day . They talked about hobbies , books , movies , criticized the education system & corruption . She started sharing her feeling .

Their conversation continued since 15 days. She couldn’t spend even a single minute without replying to Mr. Anonymous. 

She told about this to her best friend madhvi , she warned her that it could be one of the desperate pervert guy in the college yet she continued texting the number . 

In a weird way she connected with the person , he made her laugh and she felt as if he knew her .

She couldn’t resist her emotion , she pinged the number “I want to meet you . If you don’t meet me , i will stop talking to you”.

She received the reply “Sure CCD, Kp at 7pm & I will be wearing a Red jacket”.

She quickly left the college . As soon as she reached home , she started getting ready – she wanted to dazzle Mr. anonymous . She wore her pink shorts with matching white t-shirt and matching accessories.

She took an auto to kp and entered the CCD .

She stood there like a statue on seeing Mr. Anonymous.

Who could be this Mr. Anonymous –


” It was her younger brother adhil ” 😛


P.S 1 – Similar prank was played by my friends in college 😛


P.S 2 – I was shivering in the morning with cold and if see a girl in the food court wearing Sleeveless kurta – Do girls ever feel cold ?






HEADLINE – Another girl gets raped .

As per the latest statistics , in N C R region a women gets raped every 54 mins and the number is outrageously high across the nation.

As per the latest news poll – should rapist be given life sentence ?

In my opinion , what’s urgently required is a strong message to be sent out to all those drunken perverts such that the thought of raping a innocent women doesn’t even resonates in there mind. Castigate them or shoot them in the public.

We need to sent a strong message to the society which would be remember for generations that this hideous act won’t be tolerated in India

Due to the sudden media attention , rape is the central issue of every prime news hour . Every one is talking about it . I can read numerous status updates on Facebook and numerous tweets on twitter.

Even before all this media attention , rapes in India were at its zenith and i believe it will remain so until we start taking rape seriously.

How efficiently justice has been provided in court cases ? Our flawed judicial system, after couple months of trial lets the rapist walk away on bail. There by increasing the confidence of rapist .

The attitude since i can walk away with one rape , i can do another rape and walk away is created leading to the birth of horny vicious cycle.

what happened to our Indian culture?

Our Vedas and customs teaches us to respect women yet after few drinks we forgot what we have being learning since all these years and commit this horror in order to satisfy our sexual needs. Its such a shame.

We worship deity such as laxmi mata , sarasvati mata , sita maiya etc . We shout slogans of ‘jai mata di’ before beginning of every action yet we forget to respect the goddess in  her living human form – women.

Ironically even our nation is called bharat mata yet the situation of women in India is at it’s worst .

They get raped , teased and molested every day .

“Stop victimizing innocent women”.




I’m obsessed with You !

Sid couldn’t believe what just happened . Blood splashed over his white shirt , he had never seen so much blood in his life. His body became numb and he stood there like a statue watching the horror he had committed but his face showed no signs of remorse.

Three people walked in the room but only 1 walked out of the room .

This is the story of obsession ​and revenge.

Sid was a IT professional working for a M.N.C . His world revolved around playing DOTA until the day Priya walked into his life. Priya joined the company as a new HR recruiter who graduated from a premium b-school , she was the perfect combination of beauty with brains.

During the induction , Sid was introduced to Priya . It took only couple of glances and sweet talk for Sid to fall in love  with Priya. Since he graduated from a mediocre college , he had never met a beautiful as well as a intelligent girl. His virtual world crashed and he spent the entire day thinking about her . He wouldn’t miss a single opportunity to talk to her , he would follow her whenever she leaves her cubicle .  He would bump into her every single day near water cooler or coffee machine.

He was burning from inside because he still hadn’t expressed his feeling to her. He pacified himself by saying i must wait for the right moment to express my love.

Next day , he couldn’t believe his naked eyes – Priya was talking to another guy . His blood fumed with rage and anger . He swallowed his anger and quietly left the canteen . He spent the entire night brooding about the incidence.

Next day , he gathered information about the other guy . His name was Sam and worked as a analyst in the company.

Love is the most powerful revenge motive .

He carved a deceptive strategy to get rid of Sam from Priya’s life.

He floated rumors about Sam being a Casanova and a womanizer . He thought by tainting his reputation , Priya would stop talking to him  but next day , his heart stopped on seeing Sam dropping Priya on his bike.

His plan failed, rumors made Sam more popular .

He cursed himself .

He made another diabolic plan , he secretly planned to terminate Sam from the office . He said to himself “Na raheha baas , na bajegi baasuri” , he hacked into company’s database and stole the Sam’s credential. and using Sam’s credential , he uploaded the clients financial data on a public forum. Within couple of minutes , furor was created in the office .

Issue was escalated to the senior managers and the directors of the company followed by subsequent investigation . Sam was call for an inquiry and was threatened about the consequences .

Finally  Sid’s plan was working.

Sam cried that he is innocent and is being framed by someone else. He told the investigation team that he was outside the company’s vicinity during the incidence.

Company CCTV footage showed Sam leaving the company’s office at the time when the crime was created . Therefore, hacker was called In who traced the link to Sid’s IP address.

Sid was call for investigation and failing to give any explanation for the erratic behavior. He was immediately terminated from the company and blacklisted from NASCOM listed company’s.

Sid was humiliated and devastated but he still failed to realize that he dig his own grave. He convinced himself that Sam is responsible for ruining his career as well as love life. He wanted to take revenge from Sam and wanted to get even . His mind was occupied with only one thought he has to teach Sam a lesson for his humiliation. Sid went to the kitchen grabbed his knife and left his house.

In the late evening , Sid reached Sam’s house. He knocked on the door , Priya opened the door . On seeing Priya , his rage quadrupled and he took his knife out from his pocket and stabbed into her.

On hearing Priya’s scream , Sam came out and saw Priya’s lying down with blood flowing from her stomach. He tried to grab Sid but was stabbed by Sid .

Within couple of minutes , Blood spilled everywhere.

Sid yelled “Since you can’t be mine , you can’t be anyone else” & he sliced Priya’s throat leading to immediate death.

He stabbed Sam multiple time until he couldn’t hear Sam’s voice.

He finally found Peace.

Next day, headline of Newspaper “Techie Turned Murderer”.

He was arrested by police and after 6 months , court convicted him for two murderer and sentenced life time imprisonment.



Final Icebreaker Speech

Good evening Madam President , fellow toastmasters and dear guest .

On 10th october or the way I call it – on ‘Ten – Ten’ in 10 pm in the night I was born. Astrologer said to my parents your kid is a special kid born on a very auspicious time and I was named ‘Akshay’. Then another astrologer said to my parents ‘akshay’ isn’t a suitable name for me , finally I was named ‘Prateek’ – the symbol of eternal love of my parents.

i grew up in Udaipur in a joint family where 20 relatives were living under 1 roof. It was fun why because i had my own small cricket team.  I spent my childhood playing cricket in our backyard with our new own set of rules such as breaking glass or hitting outside the house or hitting the cooler was considered out .

During my childhood i had only 1 goal – to terrorize my sister . Indeed i was a ____ terrorist .

Like every _____ parent(check) , my parents too had a dream that their son should be an IItian . To achieve their dream i was sent to kota where i did everything except studying .

My destiny took me to dayanand sagar college of engineering , Bangalore . It was beginning of a new adventurous life which started with a ___ (exciting) ragging session and ____ (entertaining) hostel life where every day use to be a new day with new story floating around. I was famous for knowing information about every girl in the college.

i lived on the motto – Take risk & conquer world . I took risks – stole internals papers & blue books from HOD’s table, cheated  in internal papers , gave multiple proxies & bunked classes . I spent majority of time in completing TV series (better frame it). Four years went away with a blink of an eye.  Life is funny, I use to hate college but now I would give anything to re-live my college days. My hard work as a electrical engineer paid off and i got recruited as system engineer in Infosys Limited.

A new journey began  with ________ Mysore campus and grilling training sessions where i made my new enemy , Dev square. i preserve my sanity by increasing the revenue of Purple Haze . Old habits die hard – Old habits die hard, I gave proxy in Mysore training, cheated in training and copied the entire Post project. Then the biggest shock of my life came when I saw my posting as Chennai DC. I was devastated and grumbled about the unfair Infosys. After my cribbing ended, I told to myself ‘Chennai won’t be that bad’ but I was wrong it was worst. Humidity added salt to my wounds. After 1 year of perspiration and struggle, I was transferred to Pune DC

I am a typical Libra – Ambitious , meticulous ,  romantic , charming , sagacious , fair/unbiased , friendly/affable and peace loving. i have _____ curiosity to learn new talent so don’t be surprise if you saw me in any new HR initiative .

I call myself jack of all trade – master of none . I have learned Thai boxing , Squash , Table Tennis , yoga & Cuban dance such as salsa , jive , bachata & rhueda.

I am a proud bibliophile . I can’t rest until i finish a book – i can read all genre – friction , non friction , thriller , romantic , science fiction , fantasy and classic. I can read every where – i am so that i have downloaded the audio file in my phone so that i can listen to book while travelling (new format).

i am a avid blogger and my blogs are straight from my mind and my heart to Word Press.


Don’t expect anything to happen – go out and get it.
Life’s too short. Cherish every moment & Follow your dreams.

In the words for Mark Twain – “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Thank You.



Effective Listening !

This picture is snapshot from book – “what go you here won’t get you There” where the author talks about how to improve effective listening to make a last longing impression ! Do read and follow it 🙂

P.S – If we can take a deep breath before responding in any conversation , we can reduce a problem to nil .


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