The Bus Bay

I am standing at the corner of the bus bay in Infosys and observing the people passing by,

Some are beautiful , Some are handsome but no one can compete the glow of this particular girl.

To my dismay , my eyes were fixed on her. She is being blessed with beautiful face but god plays his own game – He gives some , Takes some.

She has a polio but before you start feeling sorry for her or criticize god for being unfair . I advice you to read the entire post.

I am writing this post while sitting in the bus.

The picture of her smile refuses to fade away. I am finding it difficult to describe her face. I could feel the sense of happiness . I wish I could capture the glow on her face.

Her smile spoke thousand word.

Looking at her , my hardships seems minute.

I am blessed with a normal body and we tend to take this for granted.

‘Gratitude’ is very important in life.

I am privilege to be blessed with every thing . I had a normal childhood with all the comfort and above all I don’t have any deformity.

Isn’t it strange when I am thinking about her polio, my problem related with career seems so small.

I admire her bravery and her optimism.

P.S : This post is dedicated to her smile made my day . I wish I had the courage to walk up to her and say the above line.

PrAts !

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Sweet Sixteen !

” Time flies away with a blink of an eye ” .

Happy birthday Nisha 🙂 I wanted to write this blog on your b’day . Anyways its never too late.

Sixteen huh , i still can’t believe that 16 years pass away & soon your gonna be in college , may its because your picture as a cute little baby refuses to fade away from my memory.

The oldest memory of you that i can recall is your first trip to India where your sitting on a black sofa wearing a blue frock with your eyes fixed at lip smacking Orange Bar . At that time you couldn’t speak but you use to jump or crawl towards anyone who offered you a bite of orange bar.

I have grown up teasing you.  Every summer, we (me & jay) use to tease or irritate you in order to make you angry. Sometimes you use to get angry & slammed door on us for no reason , leaving me & jay perplexed. We use to wonder – ‘What happened’, ”What wrong we did ‘ , and ‘Why is she upset’.

Teasing you was always fun but “usse jyaada maaza tumhe manane mein tha ” . 


We always use to look forward for July/august . We use to make plans for the summer , ‘Masi aayegi toh we will do that, we will go there’.

Your love for animals was profound and every time you use to come to India , we use to take you to Van Vihar . On a particular trip , you screamed at lion and called him ‘stupid lion’ , subsequently prompting near by people to say ‘iss ladki koh bolo ki sher par nahin chilaye ‘  .

I still remember in one of the journey you started counting the number of dogs on the Indian street  (the number is huge) & on every sight you use to count the number aloud.

Our vague attempt to make you speak in Hindi was fun . LOL . Your Hindi is funny and cute at the same time.

At one particular instance , i learned a important thing from you. Once I threw a chips packet on the street & you mocked my habit saying you should keep the roads clear . You were just 10 years old . From that day on wards , i stopped throwing garbage on the streets. kudos to you > 🙂

There are lots of pleasant memory of you & jay that i cherish .

Manny happy returns of the day .

We always love you .

Love .

Bhaiyu !








Quality of Great Leaders

Have You ever wonder Why there are only few leaders and rest are followers.

Why we had blind trust in the agenda of Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi .

 Mahatma Gandhi wasn’t the only indian who wanted Independence . Similarly Martin Luther King wasn’t the first person to be harassed of being black. However these people were different . History remember them and we respect them .

How these people were able to bring about the revolution ?

All these great leaders have a common pattern .

The pattern is called ‘Golden Circle’ – It comprises of three circle : Outer circle is ‘What’, Middle circle is ‘How’ ,and outer circle is ‘Why’.

A common person takes outside to inside approach . First What, second How and then Why. Let us take example of Mp3 player, a salesman comes to you and says – We have the best mp3 player in the market (WHAT) ,we have the following features (HOW), and so you should buy it (WHY). Will you buy that  mp3 player – NO, i will be skeptical about the intention of the salesman.

How leaders function – Inside to  outside approach . First – Why, second- How and then Why. Let us take example of Ipod . Apple says our purpose is customer satisfaction (WHY), we will attain our purpose by continous innovation (How), With our continous effort we have produced this product(WHAT). Will you buy a ipod – Hell yeah .

Another example , in 1963 there was no TV , no radio yet 250,000 people ,among them 25% were white,traveled from all across the place to Washington to listen to Martin Luther King speech because they believe in his believe . His speech was’I have a dream’ not ‘i have a plan’.

Have Believe in yourself

Always ask yourself Why – Why – Why – Why . Keep asking till you get the answer.




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Icebreaker Version 2

“Your son is born in special cosmic union” Those were the words of an astrologer. I was born on 10th of the months, 10th  of the day and at 10 pm in the night J I was born on TEN-TEN. Initially my parents name me AKSHAY but with the decreasing stardom of akshay kumar and on the insistence of an astrologer, they changed my name to Prateek . I am the symbol of their love and affection.


Growing around with cousins in a joint family as its own perks .You can have you own small cricket team.  I spent my childhood playing cricket in our backyard with our new own set of rules such as breaking glass or hitting outside the house or hitting the cooler was considered out .

I spent my childhood glued in front of the television watching Goku fighting the ___, Shaktiman trying to defeat evil, Tom trying to catch jerry , batman eradicating crime from the streets of Gotham city ,or my favourite spider man spinning the web  and kissing the beautiful Merry James.

I grew up as an ideal younger brother; we show our love to each other by fighting with or without any reason. We fought with broom stick, pillow, and cricket bat. Once out of vengeance, I drew Star, Moon, and skeleton on her face with marker.

I was always a studious and intelligent kid. Let me share with you a secret “I always try to copy in my exam despite the fact that I already know the answers.” As a kid I developed a superstition that if I copy even a single word, I will score good marks. Superstition makes you blind and naive.

10th board came , My parents started giving me incentive “10th board will decide your future, score good marks we will buy you a new GI JO set “ Believe or not , I had the best collection of GI Jo .

I did score good marks and was sent to Kota to achieve my aspiration of getting admission in IIT’s. Apart from studying, I did everything in Kota bunked classes, watched late night movies in theatre and off course had my first crush and first heart break simultaneouslyJ. I left Kota and went back to Udaipur.

Again my parents said “Study hard, else you won’t get admission in a good engineering college”.   

My destiny took me to Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore. It started with a ragging session and exciting hostel where every day use to a new day with new story floating around.  Unlike my peers who used to study a night before exam, I use to study every day making notes in the library. I was known for knowing every female in the college, being a culture secretary as its own benefits.  I spent majority of time in canteen rather than attending class, I developed proficiency in giving multiple proxy which benefitted me in Mysore training, I copied in every internal with the help of laser Xerox, I stole my Internal books from The Head of Department Table. Four years went away with a blink of an eye.  Life is funny, I use to hate college but now I would give anything to re-live my college days.

Soon my hard work paid off and I got placed in Infosys. Infosys Journey began with breath taking Mysore campus and the grilling training period and new enemy, Dev Square.  I use to preserve my sanity by increasing the revenue of Purple Haze or going out a new restaurant. Old habits die hard, I gave proxy in Mysore training, never attended even single day of Post training period and copied the entire Post project .The biggest shock of my life came when I saw my posting as Chennai DC. I was devastated and grumbled about the unfair Infosys. After my cribbing ended, I told to myself ‘Chennai won’t be that bad’ but I was wrong it was worst. Humidity added salt to my wounds. After 1 year of perspiration and struggle, I was transferred to Pune DC.





We all are frustrated. Some are frustrated with their jobs, some are frustrated with life, some with their with life, some are frustrated with their career growth, some are frustrated with their girlfriend/boyfriend, some are frustrated with their day to day activity, some are frustrated for no reason.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji says “Accept situation and people as they are and take action”.

How frustrations occur?

In mathematical terms, Frustrations= Expectation – Reality

Doesn’t it looks simple J

We tend to make things complicated. For instance,  we derived numerous theorem and method to efficiently run a business , there are various inventory  and cost cutting theorem yet we forget the underlining principle of any business – TO MAKE MONEY.

If I ask a group of people to choose between complicated theorem and a simple basic principle, majority will choose the complicated theorems.

If you want remove frustration in life: Remember KISS – Keep It Simple Silly.

Keep KISSing J

P.S: Read this quote “Men fall in love with their eyes while women fall in love with their ears”

So true.




Growing up in 80’s and growing up in 90’s was completely different.

In 1983 , television came first time in India and soon Doordarshan was born.
Owning a television was a luxury statement and there used to be only 1 television in the entire society or may be in the entire village.

Everyone used to gather at one place to watch sunday afternoon prime show such as chitrakala.

1980’s was called License Raj where even a minute government task couldn’t be completed without a source or a bribe.

After India won 1983 world cup , soon there was a birth of a phenomena called cricket fever and cricket became the prime sport replacing our national sport hockey. Thus 83 victory had a huge significance in indian cricket history.

In 1985,operation blue star caused assassination of india gandhi followed by massacre and riots.

The major difference between 1980’s and 1990’s was cited by my cousin who grew up in 1980’s.

He told me he never heard about pizza , burger , pasta & neither tasted them and going out for a dinner was exclusive to rich.

“India was on born in 1947 but India got freedom in 1991” – gurucharandas


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The Chase !

Raj* was buying grocery ,suddenly he glanced towards a girl on the other side of the road. He had seen her several times before and from the moment he saw her for the first time , he liked her. There was something about this girl which attracted him towards her. She lived in the neighboring society so he wished for his flat to be in her society. He cursed his bad luck.

He glanced towards her and said to himself “Enough is enough , I will talk to her right now. I can’t sit around a loser hoping for a miracle . Miracle don’t happen , you have to go and make miracle.”

With high confidence and high hope, he followed her. She stopped at a grocery store to buy sustenance , he thought its a good opportunity to interact, he made a plan that he will ask for her help in selecting something and start a conversation But he stood behind her without uttering a single word and she left the grocery store . Instead of talking to her , he ended up purchasing kitkack.

Raj* cursed himself. He told himself ‘its never too late. You can still talk to her. Remember you have nothing to lose. What’s the worst that can I happen. She won’t talk to you but at least she will get to know you’ . With this thought in his mind , he followed her . He continued following her. She entered a medical store , he also went inside the store . Instead of talking to her , he ended up purchasing violini.:(

Raj* again cursed himself but he didn’t give up. He told himself that whatever happens, I will talk to her as soon as she will enter another shop. She entered a shop.
Raj* looked at the board of the shop and cursed his bad luck .

True story !
*Name of the person has been changed to hide the identity.

To curb the curiosity , the board read “Aroma Women Beauty Parlor ” . Lol 🙂

Moral of the story : opportunity doesn’t strike twice 🙂 grab it before some one else does !

PrAts !

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