Truth of life !

Truth of life : Every one will praise to you if you are successful while every one will criticize you if you are unsuccessful.

PrAts !

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Randon Thought #2

When in a doubt , write about it. It won’t provide you the solution but it will surely help you to find a way to find the solution.

What’s on your mind ?

Its a very interesting phrase because our thought process keep changing. Our thought followed by our action makes us distinct species.

In our holy book , BhagwatGeeta god krishna says to his discipline arjun , ‘karma kar, phal ki icha mat kar’ (Do you work , don’t worry about the result).

Positive thought and outlook is very important in life. Life is unpredictable , failure and success are part and parcel of life but how do we handle both of them builds the foundation of our character.

All of us crib about how unfair our life is and how we are victim of bad luck. Either you can crib about it or Accept it . We always have the choice.

Every one wants to taste success In life but no one wants to taste failure . In the words of einstein “if you have never faced failure in life, you have never learnt anything”.

I always ask a question to myself : “20 years from now , will this matter?”

Do ask yourself this question and see the change.

PrAts !

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Icebreaker Speech

10th october 1988 : I was born in the city of lakes and garden , Udaipur rajasthan. Everything was alien to me and slowly I learned the nuances of life. I was born in a upper middle class joint family and was always surrounded by relative. My father is a government official and my mom an efficient house manager. I grew up fighting with my elder sister where mom always played the role of a mediator.
I was a obedient kid and never did any mischief.
As I grow up , so do the expectations. As I turned out to be an intelligent, the expectation of every one around me was always higher. My parents wanted me to score higher grades and I always did. Then came 10 th board , I was told score good marks it will decide your future and I did scored good marks and took science and I aspire to be an IITian so I went to kota for IIT JEE coaching. I fall in love , I bunked classed and I watched late night movie , I did everything except studying and so I decided to go back home for my 12th board. 12th board I was told study else you won’t get into a good engineering college and I did scored good marks and joined dayananda sagar college of engineering , bangalore. In those four years , I made wonderful friends with whom i bunked classes for morning show movies. I gave lot of proxy and used to spend more time in canteen than in class. I also managed to stole my internal paper and cheated in every internal exam . I did fall in love several time and had several break up and soon I learned a very important lesson : Life moves on. Those 4 years passed away with a blink of an eye and only pleasant memories are left. Finally my hard work paid off and I got recruited in infosys.
The journey with infosys started with beautiful mysore campus and grilling training session with several re test but the biggest shock of my life was when I saw the posting location as CHENNAI dc. I was devastated but then I said to myself I am can do this , chennai isn’t that bad but I was wrong , it was worst and humidity added salt to my wound. I was verge on quitting several time but thought of paying bond amount kept me going. After continuous pestering my PM and HR for transfer , I got transferred to pune DC.
I am a typical Li bran : easy going , calm , diplomatic , peaceful and optimistic. I am ambitious and once I set my goal , I am a go-getter.
I call myself jack of all trade and master of none. I have learned muay thai and got selected for national too but unfortunately my engineering exam date co incident with the match. I play squash and table tennis.
Reading and dancing are passion of my life. I have learned salsa , bachata , jive and cuban. I am a voracious reader and I read 30 minutes every day before I sleep.
I sticker for knowledge and want to
Learn everything in life. learning spanish is next on my list.
I am a avid Blogger and I write to express my opinion and clear my head.
I believe we all are born on earth to make a impact. Don’t just dream big but turn those dream into reality by your action and have courage to take risk and have no fear.
‘Your Future lies in your Hand’

PrAts !

move on !

‘I am in deep shit and I need to get my shit together man’
Those who are reading this must wondering what the shit I am talking about.
I screwed up my GMAT and from past 1 week I am not able to get back on track. I am wasting my time in sleeping and watching television show.
I know I have to start preparing and I have to accept the reality but whenever I try to study I am enable to sit and concentrate.
Most of you must be thinking that I must be wondering about my poor performance in gmat but your wrong, I am not thinking about it at all and to my amazement I have forgotten it as a bad chapter and learned from it anf move on.
What’s problem ?
Frankly I don’t know ! May be I am trying too hard or may be I have become too lazy. Whatever the reason. I just know I have to get my shit together and start studying.
I am mature and ambitious guy. There is nothing more important in my life than my career and my dream to get into good b-school and I do realize that very good GMAT score and turn my dream into reality.
Even after knowing everything , why the fcuk I can’t just be strong, focused and determined as I was before.
Everything is screwed in my head. My friends say I need a break to recharge. I did that I didn’t open the books for 4 days. Ironically I love reading and couldn’t stop myself thinking about how to get back on track.
I know its just a phase and eventually it will pass but what I don’t know is how to make this phase pass away.
I aware about the fact that I am screwed up.

PS : its 3-30pm and why the hell i can’t stick to my resolution.

PrAts !

New Bollywood

Bollywood industry has always been a safe gambler. Majority of the producer finance the script based on the current trend. For instance , 80’s was action film era in which Angry Young man dominated the industry with similar kind of script. 90’s was Romantic film era in which King of Bollywood charm the audience with love and romance. In 20th century most of the film were Hollywood inspired movies.
Since 2010 , bollywood is evolving and a new trend has emerged where off beat film and script are widely successful. Films such as Dev d , Kahani , 3 idiots , Vicky donor , delly belly, dirty picture, barfi etc had distinct and unusual script and all these films had been blockbuster.
Bollywood is shedding away its stereotype.
Now a days all the movie are usually for 2 hour only with no songs , a relief from 3 and half hour movie with a song every fifteen minutes.

This evolution is caused by the following factors :-
1. Audience
2 Multiplex
3 Advertisement and Promotion
4 Reviews and feedback
5 Awareness
6 Social Media and Word by Mouth

PrAts !!

My Resolution !!

Majority of people make a resolution on New Year eve but I am different. I have decided to make few resolution on 16th september.

1. I have decided to do fasting on Sunday to check my self control and to find inner peace through religious dedication. Sunday is special due to the fact that it is the day of Nakodaji.

2. I have to finish Competent Leadership by taking up role in each meeting and Competent Communicator by finishing 10 project in ToastMasters International.

3. I have to score 750 in GMAT and get admission into Top b-School of the world.

4. I have to take up a new hobby to learn Spanish.

5. I have to increase my intellectual level by updating my knowledge by reading books and magazines.

6. I have to keep myself fit by skipping and jogging regularly.

You live life once so live it to fullest !

PrAts !

The Judgement Day

Tomorrow is my GMAT exam. I have been preparing for GMAT from past 4 months and finally the day has arrived 🙂
Before any important event , we tend to get nervous and agitate but my status is blank – yes my friends neither my nervous nor over confident I am simply blank.
As I close my eyes I can feel my heart pumping and my instinct saying “Just DO IT”
My plan :

I will eat almond, apple and banana in the breakfast and will reach center half an hourly to finish the formality.

The First Section is AWA and IR.

AWA : For AWA there is already a skeleton prepared. I have split the skeleton into 3 sub parts for my ease. I will go early and write down the skeleton in the rough note pad.

IR : There is only one strategy for IR attack the question. There are 4 category of question. Use calculator to avoid intensive calculation and pay special attention to time – 2.5 minute per question.

Then there will be 8 minute break.

Eat almond , energy bar and apple and do exercise and keep your mind calm.

Quants: Pay special attention to each question and check answer before selection. Avoid Silly mistake and use Option method whenever possible.
Be careful in Data sufficiency section and re check before final selection.

Then there is another 8 minute break.

Eat almond , apple , energy bar or gatorade. Do exerciseso that blood will pump into your vein and maintain your calmness – BE A MAN.

Verbal – It has 3 sub section.

CR : Analyze the stimuli and check what is asked in the question. Ask yourself “is it the right answer?” / “will this option have the desired effect?”

RC : Make headline as you read the passage. For general question refer to the structure of headline and for specific question refer to the specific line. ask yourself “is this the right answer?”, “does the line means the selected answer “? Ask question , lot of question.

SC : sentence correction question mainly check on the rules and following parts – Subject-Verb Agreement , Parallelism, Comparison , Modifier , Tense , Pronoun , Idiom , Wordiness. Check for error keeping in the mind rules from the above mentioned topic and re check the selected option and mark after careful evaluation.

Time Management :

Q11- 55 minutes ; Q21- 35 minutes ; Q31- 15 minutes.

Keep yourself calm and believe in yourself.
Remember Deep Breathing 🙂

prAts !

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