Miles to go before i sleep

As I count the days left to the judgment day , a strange feeling is developing inside me. I am getting anxious ,agitated and nervous. I keep repeating these words – “allll izzz well” but the eternal question keeps haunting me – ‘I am ready?’ .
To divert my attention , I said to myself -” I am preparing from past 3 months which is sufficient time”.

The thirst of question never ends – a new question started haunting me – ‘Have I prepared well?’

A universal truth :- You cannot lie to yourself.

Motivating quotes are meant to make you feel better and to bring positive outlook in your life but the real motivating factor comes from INSIDE. I may sound like a lunatic but when the life gets tougher , a voice echo in your mind – ‘sab thik ho jayega , Have believe in yourself’ –

The world embrace the successful person in his arm while disown the lost person. There is always a flip side to it.

“You are always on your own”.

May be life will brings about the change that I always wanted – may be there is something else. Whatever it is and it will. I will always Fight because I ain’t a Quitter and I never back down.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes , I can sense ‘I can do it’ feeling rushing through my body towards the brain.

The plan : I have 16 days left , I don’t have control over time but I have control over making the most of it.

As per the analysis of my few mocks – I am scoring 44 in math section and 30 in verbal section.

For math section , I need to keep revising the formula and practice more Data sufficiency question. I will solve manhattan Word Translation , Geometry and Equation book. To improve Data sufficiency I have question bank , I will solve it.

Verbal section, the most critical section which decides your result. I need to put my maximum effort in improving it. Here the plan –
For sentence correction , I need to learn rules on my finger tips and the only way to improve SC is by practicing more and more question. I will solve question from Kaplan-800 and will change my approach of solving the question . I will discard the option only if I have a valid reason. Keeping yourself calm and composed is also a important trick.

CR , my favorite section. Visualization is the important key. I will solve manhattan CR . Remembering the types and how to approach different CR question is deciding factor.

RC, I love reading. This section depends on CR and if you improve CR, RC will automatically improve. I have to solve manhattan RC.

A lot on my platter but hey I am not complaining as I always like challenges.

Most important I have to write 12 mocks – one per day and then analysis of the particular mock and later in the evening focus on solving Manhattan.

There is AWA and IR. You can master IR only by practice therefore practice,practice & practice.

I have a dream and will achieve that dream.

“Miles to go before I sleep, Miles to go before I sleep” – Robert Frost.

Prats !

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what if i become a politician for a day ?

“All Politicians are corrupt” . They exploit the power for their self interest. The list of similar adjective goes on.

Its very easy to be on the other side and criticize but what if I become a politician , what will I do ?

I know this thought came to my mind straight from the movie – NAYAK (love that movie)

What will I do if I am elected as a politician ?

I am sure every one will say – I will do welfare of the society , will protect the poor and needy like a knight. I will not allow any injustice and the most important I will eradicate corruption.

Think – the basic under lining principle is this question ?

Self interest v/s Society welfare.

To be clear – “should I worry about my self growth (profit) or should I worry about welfare of people (Duty).”

You will think – I am being elected as a representative of the society to efficiently do my duty of serving in benefit of the people.

The above line sounds like a movie dialogue. Isn’t it ?

Let’s me take pragmatic approach.

Nobody wants to invest to have Loss.

I must have spend at least 1 million for campaigning for my election. Sad, but truth, you need deep pocket more than a noble intention to win a election.
Anyways if I have spend a million , I need to cover up that investment. F.Y.I – the salary of politician is low , I know that have lot of other benefit but still that’s not enough to cover up my investment.
I am being modest here , I need to earn at least 3 times of what I have invested – for break even of expenditure , for next campaigning (with high inflation cost of election will also increase) and for my profit or back up in case I don’t win next time.

As per the above statistic , its ok to be corrupt but I would be against if a politician does corruption more than 3 times as that would be Greed not profit.

I agree with the UP minister famous statement “steal don’t loot”.

With high inflation, I am hardly able to meet my expenditure. How can I accept a low level government official to able to meet the responsibility of his family , his kid’s school etc.

There is proverb in my area : “a good officer is one that takes bribe and do your work , a bad officer is one that takes bribe and don’t do your work”.

To all the politician – be less corrupt but don’t deter away from your duty of serving people. In simple words – don’t be a looter .

I know – my stand on corruption is flawed but think about It – even if your intention are good , you still need money to win election and help people.

Enough with corruption .

If I become a politician, I would focus on Education.

We are aware about the high illiteracy rate , the high school drop out rate, the inadequate school facility, the acute shortage of school teacher.

My aim would be to eradicate poverty because Education is the only solution to eradicate poverty.

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what is Religion?

According to Religion – GOD created the universe.
But according to Scientist – Big Bang theory created the universe.

Any rational thinker will concur with scientist.

A thought came to my mind – If universe is created due to Big Bang phenomena then why we fight over religion and try to prove that my religion is superior than your religion.

“what is religion ; What is God ; Why do we pray? ” – a series of question came to my mind. It has a simple answer.

Answer – Religion is a positive vibe or you can say positive energy!

When life gets tougher every day , Religion gives us strength , it gives us HOPE.

“Don’t worry , everything will be ok , god is there”. (We always say these line in tough time)

Its also a way to keep our conscious alive and help us to differentiate between What’s good and what’s bad ?

No religion is superior , they all are equal.

Every religion has different method of teaching but the message they teach remains the same –

To be good & to do good – that is the whole religion.

PrAts !

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why being friend for too long is not good !

If a friend you are and a friend you will be !

Situation : Your a friend of a girl whom you like and you want the relationship to go to next level – a promotion from friend to boyfriend but the problem is that she think’s of you just as a friend 😦

As a guy , we have being spoon fed that we should first do friendship with the girl whom we like and then slowly and gradually we should convert this friendship into relationship.

This is a classic approach method and the safe too but if you spend too much time in the friend zone , you will be stuck there.

The recent survey says that this classical method works efficiently when the guy proposes within 2 months of the friendship. As the time increases , success rate depleting.

Personally , I have being in the situation too and the only way out is to let her know about your feeling.

Firstly , the fear of rejection or worst loosing a friend deter us from expressing our feeling.
Secondly , sometime we become too comfortable being a friend that we don’t want anything else.

Always remember : “darr k aage jeet hain” (overcome fear , there is success).

Until and unless you won’t express , you will never know about her feeling towards you.

No one can know what’s going on in the girl mind.

Yes they are unpredictable – This makes them more special.

Only way to know what’s in the girls mind is to ask her !

PrAts !

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Being Stuck !

Either its a job or relationship or career, there is a point where we are stuck and we are not growing as per expectation.
This lead to frustration !

Life is unpredictable. Example –

Reality v/s Expectation.

We always expectation which is always different from Reality.

We all have a choice to unite expectation and reality , we just have to make the effort to take up that choice.

PrAts !

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Shame ! #CommunalViolence

Office Lunch Mate : the recent attacks on NorthEastern people by muslims in bangalore is shameful act.
Me : why the attack happening ?
OLM : Muslim from Bangladesh ( illegal immigrants ) were attack in North East due to which attack on N.E is being done and instead of protecting them , government has increased the number of train to N.E so that they can go away from bangalore.
Me : ” Eye for an Eye will make the world blind” – Gandhi.

Religion make people do crazier stuff.

A FACT : Always innocent people get victimized because of the communal violence.

When will we rise above religion discrimination.

We are Indian first than Gujarati , Rajasthani , Assame , South Indian , Muslim , christian , sikh …

PrAts !

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Be a ActionOrientedDreamer not just a Dreamer !

Every one has One Dream which drives them. That dream could be materialistic like owning a beach villa , a BMW or could be as simple as being loved.
Every individual has a different dream.

What’s a dream ?

Its something that doesn’t let you sleep or when you close you eyes you think about the achieving that dream.

It’s something for which your willing to risk everything.

Every one has a dream but only few live their dream.

What’s the difference between those
“Who Made IT” and ” Those Who didn’t” ?


Action towards achieving dream differentiate who conquer their dream with people who just ramble about the big dream.

“Karma kar phal ki icha mat kar”
(Don’t worry about the result , just work).

we are more focused on the end result due to which we lose the track leading towards our dream.

Most of the time we get tangled in things which shouldn’t bother in first place.

Dream is a DIFFICULT journey , that’s what makes it so memorable and fun.

Ask any one who have become a billionaire , there will be a story of struggle and hardship. It’s never a smooth ride.

No pain – No gain !


P.S – my dream is to do MBA from Ivy league college & I will fulfill my dream.
Amen !

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