TATTOO – isn’t a social Taboo !


LUNCH Hour in the Office –  “Hey check out that girl in the purple dress which got a butterfly tattoo on her shoulder” . I gazed towards her direction . I always have a weak spot for tattoo . Why ? i will get back to the topic later.

We both looked towards her . She was beautiful and i was staring at her butterfly tattoo and thinking the butterfly tattoo signify free spirit , the battle for what her tattoo might signify was going on and then suddenly i was shocked to hear a comment about her from a group of guy’s in the adjacent table.

I don’t want to write that comment but the sheer thought of it brings makes me angry and disappointed  .

Getting a Tattoo is always a individual choice . His/Her body – His/her Choice.

Just because a person has a tattoo doesn’t make that person characterless and what the hell do we mean by characterless ?

One of my friend has a tattoo and the tattoo doesn’t change anything about the person & i have never come across more honest and determined person than her.


She told me about the reaction about her relative about the tattoo . When elder’s have such a outlook how can you expect younger generation to change the outlook ?

NOTE : I have tried getting tattoo twice and being close to getting it done and every time i tried to get it done i chicken out in the last moment . Its not easy thing to inscribe something on your body. Don’t insult the person with such comment .

Our culture is the oldest culture in the world and it teches you to respect elders, women and not to steal, lie or hurt .

We cannot hide in the ambush of OUR culture . Our culture never allow to molest women (from recent guwahati molestation case) , not to pass obscene and vulgar comment on women .

Why we tend to forget that if There was No Women , we never would have been born .

We are working in I.T industry and are Engineer and most important literate person and if we can’t change our mentality , How do we expect to bring about the change in the country.

Instead of being literate , we should start being educated . There is a big difference .

THE Change starts from Within.

This blog is written with the intention of bringing about the change .

My appeal to every one next time you hear such a comment , Stand UP .

& yes i did stand up and made the person realize about his Hypocrisy .

Be The Change you want to be .

I am spreading Awareness , What about you?




” All the good girl’s are taken away ” – self made qoute 🙂

” Every guy is trying to impress a girl ” . where is our chance ?

Attraction happen’s with first started and if there waa a S.D.L.C (SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE) of love , attraction would be it’s first stage !!

situation : Bro1 met a girl and he started liking her. There must be a catch right ?

Bro 1 – she has a boy friend .

Bro 2- So ?

( How do you argue So )

Bro 1 – It’s useless to try to talk to her , i would be another friend or worst – i could be a another LIQUID (in reference with movie – pyaar ka punchnama)

Bro 2- ********* she is not married , you still got a chance . There alway’s a breakup.

Bro 1- I would never be the reason behind her break up , it’s against my moral’s to cause rift between them .

Bro 2 – May the best man win the girl’s heart . If there is relationship is strong their would never be a break up.

Bro 1- hmmm hmmm still NO .

Bro 2- Ask her out for a date ?

Bro 1- Are you nut’s ? I don’t want to make a bad impression on her or want her to think “yeh ladka mere piche hain”.

Bro 2- Aren’t you interested in her so what’s wrong in letting her know , atleast you won’t fall into a friend category.

Bro 1 – Abey yaar she might get offended and will never talk to me and i don’t want this to happen ?

Bro 2- It ought to be , it will . Do you want her to be your girl friend ?

Bro 1- YES YES YES .

Bro 2- Get some courage and go ask her out and “Darr ke aage Jeet hain” .

Bro 1- are you sure ?

Bro 2- Damm sure ,zyada se zyada kya hoga – she won’t talk to you at least there would be NO regeret that something would ever happen between you .

Bro 1- Are you sure ?

The SAGA Continous …

P.S – For girl’s , it takes lot of guts for a guy to talk to you and ask you out on date , so be kind even during rejection 🙂

For guy’s , at some point of our life we have played a role of “Bro 1” or “Bro 2” .

“Woh karo joh dil chahe ”


Hypersomniac – name for excess zzzzzzzzzz :)


You only get one shot at life. Why waste it on sleep? – Graves (From movie , Die another day)

Those who know me are aware about my love for – sleeping but i am trying to get rid of this habit & i’m sure my friend’s would be betting against the ODD 😉 .

Confession : During my engineering unlike my peers , i never stayed awake the whole night before exam – never ever !  Even during the grilling day’s of Training in Infosys the habit still continued .

I can’t function without my proper sleep . i think may be i have brought this habit upon myself by not trying to change – So finally i am taking the big step – trying to overcome hypersomnia .

Change is Inevitable 😉 – who moved my cheese ? (one of my favorite book)

i am famous for my sleep in car (there is a family joke on me regarding the same).

& ya i accept it , i sleep a lot !

To overcome this : i am being experimenting on me .

If it work’s for me , it will surely work on you .

  1. Gatorade : i love this drink & it’s elixir (i’m not exaggerating ), few slip and i am active for hour’s. They should change their tag line to – No more sleep.
  2. Cold shower : I know it’s a cliche but its a time tested formula and it work’s (strictly NO for winter’s).
  3. Beverages : Coffee, Tea doesn’t work for me but it might work for you . Water up to a extent . I tried cold water + roohabsa (Rose water) – it worked . Weird but effective 🙂
  4. Exercise : exercising can help you get rid of yawn’s and will help to improve body too 🙂 (ek teer do nishane ! )
  5. Early to bed & Early to Rise : Rise and Shine at 6 am . It’s a very old adage and efficient way but requires discipline 🙂 .
  6. Deep Meditation and yoga : Every one who’s about it 🙂 Needless to say !
  7. Blogging : my new obsession . Structuring the  content of my blog  helps to take my mind away from sleep.
  8. Dance : Just put on the music and let the music take control 🙂
  9. Recalling the reason why you are awake : Must be a work you need to complete or football match to see or study . Just remind yourself the reason why staying awake is important .
  10. Hiding the pillow : it may sound lame but yes i did that through my room mates help &  the exercise to find it help me remove my sleep.
  11. Balcony : i have a lovely balcony and fresh air does make me feel better. 🙂
  12. Wake up Buddy : Ask a friend to make sure that you stay awake 🙂

My Observation :

I get slumber between 11 pm – 1 am and if i am awake after  1 , i can stay away all night .

How to stay awake till 1pm – By doing Small Task – if i look around i have small task to finish – ironing clothes , arranging the wardrobe / bed /  flat , putting cloths in washing machine , reading newspaper / comic etc etc . Just look around there is never a dearth of small task.

No T.V – it drains the energy out of me .

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. – Robert Frost

We always have the choice – To sleep or not to sleep ?


prAts !

Iss Blog Koh LIGHT LO !

Light Lo.

Those people who have studied in & around Bangalore are very familiar with this teram and for those who are not aware – Light Lo .

I am gonna be using lot of Light Lo so Light Lo for saying Light Lo 🙂

LINGO :strange or incomprehensible language or speech (Dictionary)

i think it is a more of stress buster and whenever i say Light Lo , i tend to smile and become happier  – if you don’t agree with me Light Lo.

Some of the instances which i recall :

Q : Arey assignment submit karna tha ?

A : Light Lo

Q:  Exam kaisa hua ?

A : Light ho gaya .

Q :  Arey uss teacher se panga ho gaya ; ab kya karu?

A : Light Lo

Q: Arey woh ladki mast lag rahi hain .

A : Light Lo (After glancing  , boyfriend hoga – Light LO)

Q : Accident ho gaya ?

A : Light Lo

Q : Yaar cook aaj  Light Liya (when cook used to be absent)

A : usko Light Lo

 Q : Mobile Light Ho gaya (when mobile or any particular thing gets lost)

A : Light Lo

Four year passed away in those “Light Lo” .

P.S : Pune weather is reminding me of bangalore #Nostalgic.


PrAts !


Insider trading !

“GREED IS GOOD”- Gordon Gekko. 

Insider Trading never got so much media attention in India though its widely practiced in India.

Rajat Gupta – a journey from orphanage to the board room of the most powerful company to the jail . He was the poster boy of American dream for every Indian . I first learned about him after he founded ISB , Hyderabad . 

I started admiring the american judiciary system , they don’t let you off the hook if you are guilty unlike our indian judiciary system where rich and powerful stay free.

Insider trading is widely practiced on dalal street through BBM service as you can’t get caught through it &  SEBI isn’t very strict about the insider trading , we have a law enacted for it but no action . The court case is of the most face HUL-Brooke bond insider case is still pending with court and the accused are still practicing trading . 

Our judicial system is rigid and has pending case dated back to up to 25 years or may be more 😦 . Various committee and their reports have been presented and no sublime measure have been taken to take care of the problem  & nexus between the senior executive and trader’s still continues.

Until & unless we don’t accept the problem , we can’t find solution to the problem.

  P.S – Rajat Gupta case if trialed in India , would he be sentenced ?  I doubt . Sad but true this is the faith of a common man in our system .

P.S.S – Just one of my random Thought. N.O.M 


prAts !