Why this aa ante amalapuram ?


After using this picture , i am sure my blog viewership will increase .

This blog is Not about Old SONG v/s New SONG as i believe every generation as its own taste of music & i am biased towards classic music specially 80’s music – (OLD IS GOLD )

Those who are unaware of the song – aa ante amalapuram , it’s very hit song of south indian film which is recently remade into hindi . I got to listen to this song because of my room mate , Rohan who is humming the song since morning .

Inherently even i started humming this song .

I read the lyrics of this song . My reaction “W.T.F” & Why I was humming the song & what happened to the lyrics? 

It ought to be the catchy beats which makes my feet tap to every munni or sheela category songs.

I remember when old v/s new song topic was debated some one said we should not compare old song with new one as with time , choice changes . I can concur with him that sound quality changes with time but what about the lyrics. Lyrics of the recent upcoming song sucks (Mostly).

AnuMalik  : After listening his song, i got the confidence that i could also be a music director  #sarcasm.

Pritam : Needless to say all his music is inspired or copied . Again my confidence of become music director increased ; CUT-COPY-PASTE #Mockery.

AR Rehman : I will always respect & appreciate his work . #Genius

I am thinking about the classic music – RD burman , Kishor kumar , Asha ji & Lata ji , Jagdish singh’s gazaal. Their still have impact on every person irrespective of the generation, every one can relate to the music and each word of their lyrics have such a strong connection to heart for every situation precisely gham ya kushi , you always have one song to associate your feeling . Indeed powerful lyrics.

P.S – All the latest track fade away with time while old song still continue to rule the heart of millions 🙂


prAts !




GMAT : where i was going Wrong !

“A good preparation means half the battle won ” .

It’s not easy to be honest and i have promised my self to be honest to myself .

I started my preparation for GMAT since April first week and its being 2 months till now and i am no way close to what i had planned .

I have wasted a lot of time in sleeping , dancing salsa , watching movies & sitcoms . People say break is good but i think its a complete waste of time and shifts your focus . “Time waits for none.”

Self realization is the right beginning .

After analyzing , following are my weaknesses :-

BASIC : My fundamental concepts are weak and i tend to forget basic formula quickly . Solution – Revising the formula’s regularly and giving 1 hour to revision .

SILLY MISTAKE : i have noticed i tend to make calculation error or some time i make my own assumption specially in verbal . Solution – Start practicing to keep your head cool and calm.

PANIC : From my previous two mock test experience , i observed i have made a particular mind set and i tend to loose confidence as soon as i see a question from my weak area or in some cases when i am not able to solve a question in given time frame and i tend to panic and start guessing which brings down my score . Solution : Give as many mock test as possible and do deep breathing during the test . Also spend 5 second of reading and analyzing the question.

THINK : In IR section , i waste lot of time in reading the question rather than solving the question . I spend around 4-5 minute on each IR question and most of the time I spend on reading the content which are redundant. Solution : Jump to what’s asked in the question and follow the assigned time frame.

FEAR : I halted my 2nd MG MAT in between as i wasn’t in mood of giving the test (that’s the reason i tried to justify at that time) but reality is always bitter , i had fear that how badly i will score or may be i was not confident of giving the test in first place. Solution – Have to overcome by giving more mocks and through self confidence.

CONCENTRATION : i am facing problem in continuous sitting during preparation . I am unable to sit and concentrate for more than 2 hour and i tend to take quick breaks which results in breakdown of my momentum . Solution – Make yourself sit for continuous  3 hours by repeatedly telling your self – NO PAIN , NO GAIN .

P.S : Feeling light hearten after writing about what had been bothering me from couple of days . This blog is straight  from mind and heart 🙂

I will keep up my promise to my sister and will score 750 in my GMAT. 🙂


prAts !



The story of My Thought


“The life span of a thought may be less than few seconds but its impact remains forever.”

i wish i control my thoughts but the beauty of thoughts is the most incredible trait of human nature , our thoughts makes us special .

During my adolescence , i always wished for super power to change the world.

(Spider Man was my favorite & you don’t need reason for being favorite)

Now , i think every individual has super power gifted by god , we just need to realize it.

i always had a “FEAR OF CHANGE” (until i read WHO MOVED MY CHEESE, a must read). I always always held myself in the closed comfort level of my life and had aversion against change in any form, i used to think “why can’t things be the same way as i like them” . (Juvenile days of my life)

change is inevitable and we should embrace the change and without change , its impossible to achieve greatness in any path of life. “CHANGE IS GOOD”.

Whenever teacher in the school used to asked “Whom you want to be like in the future”

I instantly used to raise my hand and answer with a innocent smile “BILL GATES”.

After all these years,i think a person’s role model should be one who provides you strength in the times of difficulty and you always respect his ideology and his wisdom and its very important to find a ROLE model and i am blessed to find you have a such a wonderful role model – NANA (I will always love you) !

Experience turns a boy into a man .

With every passing experience , wisdom is achieved which leaves impeccable mark on a person character.

Its OK to make mistake but its being foolish to repeat them .

Mr Kalam said “Dream is something that don’t let you sleep”.

Nelson Mandela “Nothing hold dear to me than my dream to be FREE” & He is right 🙂

 Dream are neither big nor small , whats matter is the passion to achieve the dream.

P.S – There is No end to need but there is always a beginning .

Take your first step !


prAts !

Simply Superstitious !


“India has built satellite & is considered mecca of I.T sector yet our mentality is of 12 Th century ” .

According to me , Religion is a like a rose, which brings peace and harmony to once’s life . Just like rose , religion also has thorn in the form of superstition which needs to be eradicated .

Just like every other Indian , I have been taught that – “God will punish for your every misdeed” and has we build faith in God , superstition also start developing.

The worst effect of superstition is you start relying on other factor for your success or failure rather your own action or capability.

  • Black cat crossing our path : This one is the oldest and most common . According to this myth, if a black cat cross your path, a bad omen will be thirst upon you. Even black cat had not thought that it will be a sign of bad omen . The cat must be walking so we must also walk instead of thinking and spoiling our day with negative thoughts.
  • Exam & Luck : I was a victim of this superstition few years back . I had a superstition that if i don’t wear a white color shirt during exam, my exam will go bad. Now thinking about it , makes me laugh.I did overcome that superstition by wearing a blue shirt  &  scoring good marks in exam 🙂 This made me realized what matters in the exam is whether you have studied or not.
  • Nimbu Aur Lal Mirch : A nimbu and lal mirch is hanged in front of every shops to cast away evil spirit and if you stamp upon nimbu-lalmirch , misfortune will occur or worst you will be possed by a demon . On a lighter note thus this demon has a name ? 😉
  • Hicupps : If you are having a hicuup then somebody is thinking about you . I am thinking if its actually true then every actor/actress would be busy having hicuups all day?
  • Friday the 13th : This superstition has been a fortune for filmmakers. Friday the 13th is an unlucky day as Jesus was crucified on a Friday. Adam was tempted by Eve on a Friday. Wonder if Adam was really lucky or unlucky to be tempted by Eve. It depends on how you look at it.If you have a positive outlook, Friday the 13th can be a lucky day for you.
  • Falling Star : If you wish anything infront of falling star your wish will come true . I once wish to be BILL GATES (back then he was the world’s No.1 richest), what happened to my wish?
  • Nails In the night : My mom always used to scold me for cutting nails in the night as it attracts evil spirit .  How can we be believe all this .
  • Twitching of Eye : “Meri aank phadak rahi hain , kuch kharab hoga” . I have come across this statement numerous time . In reality nothing happens , its just our outlook that makes a difference.
  • Horoscope for Marriage : In India most of the marriages are done after matching kundli of a guy &a  girl . If the kundli matches , the couple will live happily ever after and may be i should ask these astrologer “why divorce rate are rising inspite marriages done after checking kundli”.

Food For Thought: If a astrologer can predict our future then he should be a millionaire by predicting his future. 

My Nana always says “Your future lies in your Hand”.

May be its time we should rise above these superstition and start trusting our capability.



prAts !


Izzzmile pleazzze :)


“DON’T FORGET TO SMILE” , My kinder garden teacher use to say those words every morning as a kid i never understood the importance of smile as everyone around me used to smile and greet each other with warm smile & affection .

I always have been a “Lucky To GO” kind of guy and smile has always being my best feature 🙂

The idea of this blog came after today afternoon discussion with my cubicle mate about the following Question :

” Why we hesitate to smile at a stranger ” or “As we grow old Why we lose our most important asset- Smile”.

We discussed a lot about it & let me summarize the salient points of the discussion.

AGE : As we grow old we associate the smile with joke and moments and our smile depends on people , situation and place .

FAKE SMILE : We just smile to make the other person happy specially our superior (i’m referring to poor jokes of My boss).

SERIOUS=RESPONSIBLE : This is a major misconception , we associate the degree of a person smile with his work caliber. If a person jokes , laugh or smiles a lot doesn’t make him inefficient or irresponsible. Sadly this happen and one of my colleague has being a victim of it. Such a shame 😦

P.S : FlAsh Those 32 🙂

P.S.S : This blog is dedicated to Maaji ,  your smile definitely is Price less , R.I.P.



Will Rupee Rise against Dollar ?


66 – my reaction like every other indian was WTF.

Let us examine the scenario.

Cause :

  •  The rupee has fallen 15% in just four months and the blame is being laid on global economic conditions but weak domestic market is to be blamed.
  • During recession the government went in for consumption oriented fiscal strategy causing rise in the fiscal deficit , fall in domestic saving and sharp increase in imports , hence increasing the current account deficit (CAD) to unmanageable proportion. India has a CAD (shortage of dollars) of $60-70 billion per year.
  • Lack of policy decision was another big factor.

On a brighter side , the weak currency also provides a opportunity in improving exports which may help the trade deficit to shrink.

Impact :

A high dollar means high import bill , causing country’s fiscal deficit to increase and further stoking the inflation.

Solution :

  • To make up for $60-70 billion gap we need to revive investor sentiment (FII) by attracting capital flow and fiscal consolidation.
  • We need to restore fiscal discipline , there is a urgent need to correct inflation and reduce CAD.
  • Raising of the Foreign Direct Investment (F.D.I) cap in retail and aviation industry can be a booster.
  • Issuing Non Resident Indian (N.R.I) bonds can raise upto $10bn.

I hope we can revert back to the range of 47-50 , lets see how long the pain continue?



The Success Story Of IndiGo Airline

“Running an airline is like having a baby : Fun to conceive , but Hell to deliver “.


Indian Airline Industry is expected to post a total loss of up to Rs 7,700 crore while all the leading airline are under the crisis only IndiGo is still making money .

This made me curious and i took the most predictable action – GOOGLE It and read various article and research paper and finally was able to find the answer to my question – how did it managed to make profiit while its competitors are bleeding .

Let us look at its business model :-

  • Its based on The Austerity Model which focuses on the cost . The airline has shunned frequent flier programmer , airport lounges , special check In , TV screen on board.
  • It has a reputation for On Time Punctuality and has managed to save cost by buying single type of aircraft ‘Airbus 320’ thus minimizing its maintenance and pilot training  cost.
  • Keeping Internal cost under control and it has a deal with CAE, to provide training to its pilot cadets .
  • Good On board service  and clean aircraft.
  • Low Fare cost (my favorite) has resulted in more passenger.

The credit for its success would be incomplete without mentioning Aditya Ghosh , president of IndiGo who has being the driving force behind the success ! 🙂

FYI – Aditya didn’t have any prior knowledge about aviation industry and withing 4 years of joining IndiGo was appointed as the president , he is 32 🙂 & has been playing the role of the man at the helm .